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Demerara/Muscovado/brown sugar syrup (2 sugar:1 water)
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Aged Grappa Espresso Martini image

Aged Grappa Espresso Martini

You've almost certainly enjoyed the modern classic that is the Espresso Martini but switch the base spirit from vodka to aged grappa and you've an even

Grappa Espresso Martini image

Grappa Espresso Martini

Grappa is made to go with espresso coffee and adds its distinctive flavour to this cocktail originally made with vodka.

Grog image


Strong, flavoursome navy rum with a splash of scurvy-inhibiting lime. Properly mixed at the right dilution, this is a great drink. However, too many and

Irish Coffee image

Irish Coffee

Sometimes called a Gaelic Coffee and properly known by its Irish name 'Caife Gaelach', the Irish Coffee is traditionally served in a stemmed heatproof

Navy Grog image

Navy Grog

With its trio of rums at a full measure a piece, this maritime sour is one of the punchiest drinks on the classic roster of Tiki cocktails.

Old Fashioned Cocktail (Difford's recipe) image

Old Fashioned Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

Achieving the right dilution and a good chill are essential to the enjoyment of this sublime classic.

Palo Negro image

Palo Negro

Tequila, rum, sherry and orange liqueur combine harmoniously in this complex spirit-led, after dinner/late night sipper.

Rum Swizzle image

Rum Swizzle

Dark rich sugar, equally dark and richly flavoured rum, sweetened and spiced with the clove and cinnamon flavours of falernum and freshened with citrus

Almond Old Fashioned (bourbon based) image

Almond Old Fashioned (bourbon based)

Bourbon's sweet notes are lifted and amplified by amaretto's almond flavours. For a slightly drier, more complex version of this drink try a Toasted Almond

American Trilogy image

American Trilogy

To adhere to the original recipe, you should smash a sugar cube and then painstakingly stir this with bitters into a paste. Life is just too short to faff

Bananarac image


Banana fruitiness subtly flavours and lightens a base of rye whiskey and cognac with absinthe adding delicate anise notes.

Blackthorn No.2 (Homeboy's) image

Blackthorn No.2 (Homeboy's)

Just as Aaron, its creator, describes it, whiskey-laced boozy blackcurrant fruit pastille.

Bourbon Old Fashioned image

Bourbon Old Fashioned

Generous dashes of bitters add spice to delicately sweetened bourbon.

Brandy Old Fashioned (Wisconsin-style) image

Brandy Old Fashioned (Wisconsin-style)

Fruity and lightly sweetened brandy cooled and diluted with crushed ice. What's not to like? The Brandy Old-Fashioned is often made using Californian

Cantinero Coffee image

Cantinero Coffee

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Jeroen Van Hecke at L'Apereau in Blankenberge, Belgium.

Colonial Ties image

Colonial Ties

Some like to muddle a bitters-soaked brown sugar cube until smooth paste to make this cocktail. Depending on your sugar cube, even with a splash of soda

Dr. Rieux image

Dr. Rieux

Rounded, citrusy and delicately spicy with an attractive underlying funk from Swedish punch.

Fray Wray image

Fray Wray

Banana notes are subtle in this rum and cognac-laced sipper.

Greek Espresso Martini image

Greek Espresso Martini

The distinctive flavours of tsipouro and mastiha influence this 'Greek' Espresso Martini.

Halekulani image


Adapted from a recipe in Shannon Mustipher's 2019 Tiki Modern Tropical Cocktails.