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Mandarine liqueur
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Bonaparte's Manhattan image

Bonaparte's Manhattan

This subtly mandarin orange influenced Sweet Manhattan is made drier and all the more complex, not by dashes of bitters, but by a slug of Italian amaro.

Bonaparte cocktail image

Bonaparte cocktail

Zesty mandarin orange and espresso coffee served as a tall refreshing cocktail.

Christmas Special image

Christmas Special

The perfect after-dinner cocktail at any time of year but particularly appropriate over the festive period due to its ingredients – Pedro Ximénez sherry

Crazy Crossing image

Crazy Crossing

Bittersweet with herbal botanical complexity.

Luigi Cocktail image

Luigi Cocktail

If you don't have tangerines/mandarins then regular orange juice will do, as will triple sec (as per the original recipe) in place of mandarin liqueur,

Mrs Hendrickx Lemonade Highball image

Mrs Hendrickx Lemonade Highball

Bready genever fortifies and rounds this mandarin orange influence 'real' lemonade.

Napoléon Margarita image

Napoléon Margarita

As the name suggests, this tasty Margarita benefits from a slug of rich mandarin orange liqueur.

Orange Mojito image

Orange Mojito

Mint and orange combine to make a wonderfully fresh drink.

Remind Me Cocktail image

Remind Me Cocktail

A delicious stirred down, grappa laced aperitif or summertime digestif.

Satan's Whiskers (Enroulée) image

Satan's Whiskers (Enroulée)

Enroulée is the French word for 'curled' and this particular version of Satan's Whiskers is 'curled' by the use of mandarine liqueur in place of the Grand

Waterloo image


A dry, lightly bitter, aperitif cocktail highlighting the bready notes in genever and the bright zesty freshness of Mandarine Napoleon. Jägermeister adds

Breakfast At Terrell's image

Breakfast At Terrell's

This creamy orange champagne cocktail is almost as smooth as a Sgroppino.

Donegal image


Aromatised Irish whiskey with cherry and orange.

Jacktini image


A citrus bite and a smooth Tennessee draw enhanced with rich mandarin liqueur.

Man-Bour-Tini image


A rounded, fruity, bourbon based drink with mandarin and lime sourness.

Mandarine Daisy image

Mandarine Daisy

Citrusy and sour sums up this refreshing gin-laced cocktail with rich mandarin orange liqueur soured by lime.

Mandarine Sidecar image

Mandarine Sidecar

Wonderfully tart and strong in flavour.

Mandarito image


A vodka Mojito with mandarine accents.

Opera image


We've combined classic recipes from both Jacques Straub (1914) and Harry Craddock (1930) to make this gin-laced vinous late-night sipper with delicate

Prune Face image

Prune Face

Why muddle cherries into your Old Fashioned when you can add a hint of prune?