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Grappa di Moscato
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Affogato Cocktail image

Affogato Cocktail

Based on the classic Italian dessert of the same name, this after-dinner cocktail blends coffee and chocolate with ice-cream, appropriately fortified with

Aviazione image


An Italian influenced riff on the classic Aviation with fragrant grappa in place of the usual gin base and floral crème de violette very slightly dialled

Corleone image


Aromatic, floral and surprisingly dry with pleasing grape fruitiness and botanical complexity.

Eighteen '97 image

Eighteen '97

Looks great and, with the citrus freshness of kumquat combined with the oily character of grappa, it also tastes great.

Florence Cocktail image

Florence Cocktail

Floral and aromatic grappa shines in this citrusy fresh cocktail.

Grappa Sour image

Grappa Sour

Omit the lemon garnish and instead float a few dashes of bitters and this tasty, aromatic cocktail is a ringer for a Pisco Sour.

Remind Me Cocktail image

Remind Me Cocktail

A delicious stirred down, grappa laced aperitif or summertime digestif.

The Bird Is The Word No.2 image

The Bird Is The Word No.2

A grappa-based 'Last Word' by way of Denmark.

Witches' Grappa image

Witches' Grappa

As the name suggests, grappa and Strega predominate in this citrusy cocktail.

Giuseppi's Sour image

Giuseppi's Sour

A grappa-based sour with faint elderflower.

Grappa & Ginger Highball image

Grappa & Ginger Highball

Aromatic green grapes, cream of soda vanilla and delicate ginger.

Italian Milk Punch image

Italian Milk Punch

The distinctive flavour of moscato grappa shines through in this milky drink, with amaretto adding rich almond notes and Galliano a touch of peppermint

Monte Cassino Sunrise image

Monte Cassino Sunrise

Long, fruity and juicy with aromatic grappa providing the backbone.

Grappacino image


The character of the grappa shines through and is complemented by the amaretto and coffee.

Grapparita image


Grappa replaces tequila and lemon liqueur triple sec in this Italian twist in the classic Margarita.

Commedia All'italiana image

Commedia All'italiana

Not yet rated

By Seba Atienza, Argentina “I was just a boy, working as assistant bartender at the bar of the Festival del Cine de Mar de Plata. Everyone liked me