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Abbott's bitters
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Old Fashioned Cocktail (Difford's recipe) image

Old Fashioned Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

Achieving the right dilution and a good chill are essential to the enjoyment of this sublime classic.

Malty Dry Martini image

Malty Dry Martini

Using a genuinely malty oude genever produces a deliciously retro take on the modern Dry Martini.

Portobello Star Manhattan (Perfect) image

Portobello Star Manhattan (Perfect)

Rye based (originally Jim Beam) perfectly served with dry vermouth and Antica Formula

Smoky Cokey image

Smoky Cokey

Just as it says on the tin – a smoky malt and cola. This simple but delicious drink perhaps doesn't need bitters or even a twist but it's better with

Banana Bliss image

Banana Bliss

Banana liqueur and brandy go shockingly well together, here toned with sherry and bitters.

Rob Roy Cocktail image

Rob Roy Cocktail

Scotch whisky's answer to the Manhattan. The Rob Roy is classically made with Angostura Bitters but in his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, as a footnote

Tara Cocktail image

Tara Cocktail

Imagine a delicately clove influenced Daiquiri but with the bready influence of poitín, then you are some way towards imagining the taste of this refreshing

Port Old-Fashioned image

Port Old-Fashioned

Bourbon and maple syrup somewhat overwhelm the headline port wine, although it does add an underlying fruitiness to this balanced and tasty riff on an

Absolute Gangster image

Absolute Gangster

A mere four drops of Abbotts Bitters play a crucial role in this delicately sweetened and complex vodka-based cocktail.

Mezcal Jackson image

Mezcal Jackson

Smoky almond and delicate coconut combine in this elegant after-dinner sipper.

Xanthia image


A couple of dashes of bitters adds balance and complexity to this herbal gin-laced cherry flavoured after-dinner cocktail.

Banana Rumhattan image

Banana Rumhattan

Just as it says on the tin, banana-flavoured rum with aged rum and vermouth to create a deliciously banana-flavoured rum Manhattan.

Smok'n Rob Roy image

Smok'n Rob Roy

As the name might suggest, a Rob Roy made with Islay single malt whisky.

Habitant image


Your choice of whisky and bitters (I use Bob's Abbotts) will make or break this potentially brilliant whisky sour. Maple syrup should be in more sours.

Rob Macleod Roy image

Rob Macleod Roy

A Rob Roy with a well-integrated peaty backbone that sits well against the rich vermouth.

Réveillon Cocktail image

Réveillon Cocktail

Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served straight-up in a Nick & Nora glass, we think it's better suited

Late Night image

Late Night

This spirit-forward stirred cocktail combines fruity pear, dry oloroso sherry and fortifying cognac.

Harvest Moon Cocktail (PDT's recipe) image

Harvest Moon Cocktail (PDT's recipe)

Stirred down and boozy – very boozy, especially when made with bonded rye and applejack (as per the original recipe), rather than the comparatively subdued

Banana Old Fashioned image

Banana Old Fashioned

The banana notes often found in whisky enhanced with a generous splash of banana liqueur. Don't expect a sweetie, despite the liqueur, this remains a dry,

Mountain Cocktail image

Mountain Cocktail

Bone dry - I prefer with the addition of half spoon sugar syrup.

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