20 best Thanksgiving cocktails

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Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada, on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and close to these dates in other parts of the world. It's a time to celebrate, traditionally with an enormous turkey dinner, and perhaps a few cocktails to wash it down.

American Thanksgiving origins hark back to a celebration at Plymouth in 1621 where pilgrims and native Americans enjoyed the produce of the harvest. Nowadays New York enjoys a mammoth parade and the President will 'pardon' a turkey, allowing it to live rather than join its siblings roasting in ovens across the country as the nation writhes in an orgy of gluttony. Pass the cranberry sauce.

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Appletini (Sour Apple Martini)
With: Vodka, sour apple liqueur, sugar syrup, lime cordial, lime juice and lemon juice.
We say: Unashamedly fun and brash with lurid green apple liqueur at its 'core'.

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Brandy Old Fashioned (Wisconsin-style)
With: Fresh orange, maraschino cherry syrup, muscovado sugar syrup, aromatic bitters, and cognac.
We say: Fruity and lightly sweetened brandy, cooled and diluted with crushed ice.

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With: Cognac, rosso vermouth, Italian red bitter liqueur, and orange bitters.
We say: Reminiscent of a brandy-based Negroni served straight-up.

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Champagne Snowball
With: Brut champagne, fino sherry, lime cordial and advocaat.
We say: Deliciously silky smooth, indulgent, and decadent.

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Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini
With: Orange-flavoured vodka, dark crème de cacao, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee, and saline solution.
We say: As the name suggests, an orange and chocolate flavoured Vodka Espresso.

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Clover Club (House Made)
With: Gin, raspberry jam, dry vermouth, lemon juice, and egg white.
We say: Fruity, light, well-balanced and easy drinking.

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Cranberry Collins
With: Raspberry-flavoured vodka, red bitter liqueur, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, cranberry juice, and soda water.
We say: Cranberry and raspberry with refreshing zesty lemon and a touch of bittersweet herbal complexity.

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Egg Nog
With: Cognac, aged rum, sugar syrup, milk and egg (white & yolk).
We say: A thickened cognac and rum milkshake.

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With: Cognac, pimento dram, apple syrup and orange juice.
We say: Pimento dram adds a touch of spice to this cognac-laced apple and orange winter sipper.

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Ginger Cosmo
With: Vodka, ginger liqueur, ginger syrup, cranberry juice, lime juice, and ginger bitters.
We say: It's a Cosmo but with a extra vitality courtesy of a good whack of ginger spice.

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Gingerbread Martini
With: Vodka, dry vermouth, amaretto, and gingerbread syrup.
We say: Just as it says in the tin.

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Grand Cosmopolitan
With: Vodka, cognac orange, liqueur, cranberry juice, lime juice and orange bitters.
We say: A grandiose Cosmo to suit a grand occasion.

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Maple Old Fashioned
With: Bourbon, maple syrup, and orange bitters.
We say: Bourbon, mellowed and delicately flavoured and sweetened by maple syrup.

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Pear & Elderflower Martini
With: Gin, pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, and dry vermouth.
We say: A fruity floral Martini with a Vesper-like spirit pairing.

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Pilgrim Cocktail
With: Golden rum, cognac orange liqueur, orange juice, lime juice, pimento dram, and aromatic bitters.
We say: Warming, whether served hot or cold.

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Rosarita Margarita
With: Repo tequila, cognac orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lime cordial, lime juice, and sugar syrup.
We say: Peachy coloured and delicious with a marriage of orange and cranberry.

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Sir Charles Punch
With: Tawny port, cognac, orange curaçao, and sugar syrup.
We say: Cognac-laced and somewhat reminiscent of a boozy, chilled mulled wine.

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Sloe Gin Cocktail
With: Sloe gin, dry vermouth and orange bitters.
We say: A delicious, well-balanced, wintery cocktail.

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Sloe Gin Fizz
With: Sloe gin, lemon juice, powdered sugar, and champagne.
We say: A cocktail with a "haunting pink color and fruit opulence."

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With: Gin, Italian red bitter liqueur, sloe gin, and rose vermouth.
We say: Lighter in colour and mellower than a classic negroni with delicate berry flavours.

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