20 best Bénédictine cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass

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One of the truly classic liqueurs, Bénédictine contributes honeyed herbal notes to cocktails. All those below call for the original Bénédictine D.O.M., which is richer than the Bénédictine B&B version of this liqueur popular in countries such as the USA.

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Brass Rail
With: Aged rum, Bénédictine D.O.M., lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white and orange bitters.
We say: A Daiquiri-style cocktail distinguished by its herbal tones and dusting of cinnamon.

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With: Dry vermouth, Bénédictine D.O.M., and absinthe.
We say: Herbal and aromatic. A great after dinner digestif.

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De La Louisiane No.4
With: Rye whiskey, Bénédictine D.O.M., rosso vermouth, absinthe, and creole bitters.
We say: Originally an equal parts cocktail, our version of this New Orleans classic is more sparing on the Bénédictine.

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Ford Cocktail
With: Old Tom gin, dry vermouth, Bénédictine D.O.M., and orange bitters.
We say: A vintage Martini-style cocktail from George J. Kappeler's 1895 Modern American Drinks.

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Greyhound's Tooth
With: Bénédictine D.O.M., vodka, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and grapefruit bitters.
We say: Fresh grapefruit forms the backbone of this summer-fresh cocktail.

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With: Bénédictine D.O.M., calvados, tripe sec, lemon juice, and egg white.
We say: A 1930s classic from a long since departed New York City bar called the Brown Derby.

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La Poire des Benedictines
With: Pear vodka, Bénédictine D.O.M., and cognac.
We say: Bénédictine adds richness and herbal complexity to pear and cognac.

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London Gypsy
With: London, gin, Bénédictine D.O.M., and aromatic bitters.
We say: Gin botanicals and herbal Bénédictine combine harmoniously with bitters contributing to the balance.

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Monte Cassino
With: Rye whiskey, Bénédictine D.O.M., Yellow Chartreuse, and lemon juice.
We say: A rye whiskey-laced Bénédictine-influenced riff on a Last Word.

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Poet's Dream
With: Gin, Bénédictine D.O.M., dry vermouth, and orange bitters.
We say: A cocktail from the 1949 edition of Esquire's Handbook for Hosts.

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Preakness Manhattan
With: Bourbon, cognac, Bénédictine D.O.M., rosso vermouth, and aromatic bitters.
We say: A Sweet Manhattan with Bénédictine and cognac.

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Rude Gypsy
With: Blanco tequila, Bénédictine D.O.M., and margarita bitters.
We say: My own rude riff on the classic Gypsy Queen cocktail.

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Saint-Marc Daiquiri
With: Light rum, Bénédictine D.O.M., absinthe, lime juice, and sugar syrup.
We say: this cocktail is best described as offering a truly spiritual experience.

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Silk Road
With: Gin, Bénédictine D.O.M., apricot brandy liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup, and aromatic bitters.
We say: Flavoured with exotic herbs and botanicals, as befits a cocktail named Silk Road.

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Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's)
With: Gin, Bénédictine D.O.M., cherry brandy, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine, and aromatic bitters.
We say: Beautifully balanced, fruit and complex with just enough gin to a spirituous bite.

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The Addington
With: Cognac, vermouth di Torino, Bénédictine D.O.M., and Boker's bitters.
We say: Stirred and spirit-forward, there's not much Bénédictine D.O.M. in this cocktail but it contributes a lot to its flavour.

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Tip Top
With: Dry vermouth, Bénédictine D.O.M., and aromatic bitters.
We say: A vermouth-based aperitivo from the 1935 Old Waldorf Bar Days.

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With: Dry gin, Bénédictine D.O.M., dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters.
We say: A cocktail that's popular in the city from which it takes its name.

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Vieux Carré
With: Bourbon, cognac, rosso vermouth, Bénédictine D.O.M., creole bitters, and aromatic bitters.
We say: One of many great classic cocktails to emerge from the city of New Orleans, this one being a Sweet Manhattan with bells on.

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Widow's Kiss
With: Calvados, Bénédictine D.O.M., Yellow Chartreuse, and aromatic bitters.
We say: This classic is so often made with Green Chartreuse but it's better with half Yellow Chartreuse and half Bénédictine.

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