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Xarope de Romã/grenadine (2:1)
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El Presidente image

El Presidente

Rum and vermouth combine harmoniously in this delicate and subtly citrus fresh cocktail.

Silk Stocking Cocktail image

Silk Stocking Cocktail

So smooooooth but still retains a tequila bite and a hint of chocolate and fruit.

Bacardi Special image

Bacardi Special

Hit the perfect proportions and you will strike a wondrous balance of flavoursome rum, gin botanicals, limey sourness and fruity sweetness.

French 75 (Difford's recipe) image

French 75 (Difford's recipe)

I've Colin Field to thank for my French 75 epiphany. One evening in early June 2017 I was sat at his bar (Bar Hemingway) and he showed me the vintage 75ml

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

Beautifully balanced, fruity and complex with just enough gin to add a spirituous bite.

Original Tequila Sunrise image

Original Tequila Sunrise

Tequila notes shine with delicate berry fruit (and depending on your ingredients subtle vanilla) in this delicious 1930's version of the Sunrise.

American Beauty (by David Embury) image

American Beauty (by David Embury)

Both fresh and refreshing. A subtle hint of peppermint gives zing to this cognac-based cocktail.

Bacardi Cocktail image

Bacardi Cocktail

This classic salmon-pinky cocktail perfectly combines and balances the light rum with the assertive sourness of lime juice and rich sweetness of pomegranate

Commodore No. 1 image

Commodore No. 1

A Daiquiri sweetened with raspberry and grenadine syrup and mellowed by egg white.

Dulchin image


This dry, amber coloured, fruity cocktail carries a pisco punch.

Fosbury Flip image

Fosbury Flip

This richly flavoured, velvety cocktail is almost custardy in consistency but with a refreshing hint of lime.

Grapefruit Julep image

Grapefruit Julep

Wonderfully refreshing. Bring on the sun.

Jack Rose Cocktail image

Jack Rose Cocktail

In his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, David Embury says, a Jack Rose is nothing but a Pink Apple Car and when made with just calvados, lemon juice

Kava image


A wonderfully fruity and kitsch Tiki cocktail.

Mary Pickford Cocktail image

Mary Pickford Cocktail

When made correctly, this pale-pink cocktail has a perfect balance between the fruit flavours and the spirit of the rum.

Pan American Clipper image

Pan American Clipper

Essentially a Jack Rose with a couple of dashes of absinthe. (If making this with bonded strength applejack in place of calvados then knockback to 50ml.)

Park Lane image

Park Lane

Gin, apricot and orange combine in this easy-drinking frothy topped cocktail.

Pink Lady image

Pink Lady

A generous measure of gin and high-proof applejack provide spirituous spice which, along with lemon juice sourness, ensures that this cocktail is neither

Pink Palace image

Pink Palace

This drink's sweet-sour balance and degree of pink hue is relative to how generous you are with the grenadine. (When made with homemade fresh pomegranate

Funky Pirate Daiquiri image

Funky Pirate Daiquiri

Spirituous enough for a pirate. Why the name? Well, one of the rums has some 'funk', both rums have nautical connections, the lime protects against scurvy,

Pomegranate Margarita image

Pomegranate Margarita

Pomegranate and tequila combine harmoniously in this Margarita.

Pussyfoot image


One of the better tasting non-alcoholic cocktails.

Red Lion (Difford's recipe) image

Red Lion (Difford's recipe)

The sophisticated drinker's answer to a gin and juice with dry gin and Grand Marnier liqueur made all the more fruity with orange juice, lemon juice and

Roselyn Cocktail image

Roselyn Cocktail

A 2:1 Wet Martini tamed by a dash of pomegranate/grenadine syrup.

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