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Kirschwasser (cherry) eau-de-vie
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Santa Marta Daiquiri image

Santa Marta Daiquiri

A float of Kirsch eau-de-vie adds wonderfully fruity aromatics to an otherwise classic Natural Daiquiri.

Rose (by Johnny Milta) image

Rose (by Johnny Milta)

Salmon-pink and wonderfully aromatic with dry vermouth and kirsch with a blast pf fruity redcurrant syrup.

Rose No.3 image

Rose No.3

Delicate, aromatic berry and orchard fruit - not too sweet.

Perfectly Straight Blood & Sand image

Perfectly Straight Blood & Sand

I'm usually a maximum of five ingredients in a cocktail kind-a-guy but this Blood & Sand riff with seven ingredients is balanced and tasty. If I were in

Lorraine image


Sweet and sour with fruity, herbal notes.

Mr Kappes image

Mr Kappes

Kirschwasser, aromatised wine and sherry sit together harmoniously. I amended, to reduce the volume of serve and make a tad drier in January 2022. The

Nineteen Twenty Cocktail image

Nineteen Twenty Cocktail

Bite-sized and delicately flavoured – the combination of redcurrant syrup and kirsch is almost rose water-like, diluted by dry vermouth with a splash

Dutch Artist's Special image

Dutch Artist's Special

Bready genever is aromatised with sherry and kirsch while red currant syrup provides the main flavour with its richness balanced by lemon juice.

Swiss Watch image

Swiss Watch

As Peter Konkoly, this cocktail's creator says, it is reminiscent of a Last Word. However, we prefer this tasty drink served on-the-rocks as an aperitif

Ernst Happel image

Ernst Happel

Gin-laced, tangy, herbal, fruity and citrusy.

Ostend Fizz Royale image

Ostend Fizz Royale

As Jason, the reader who created this sent us this recipe says, A champagne charged riff on the classic Ostend Fizz this is a good alternative to a Kir

High Noon image

High Noon

A Sweet Manhattan with delicately spiced cherry.

Rose (French style) No. 2 image

Rose (French style) No. 2

I've reduced the proportions of this cocktail by one-third as I believe, where such richly flavoured spirituous cocktails are concerned, less is more.

Gasoline image


Rich blackcurrant fruit balanced by dry vermouth and the flavoursome spirituous notes of gin and kirschwasser. Don't be tempted to stir this cocktail,

Frisco Cooler image

Frisco Cooler

Pisco and kirsch eau-de-vie shine in this delicately pear-flavoured sour.

Black Forest Gateau image

Black Forest Gateau

Dessert by name and dessert by nature: naughty but nice.

Black Jack Cocktail image

Black Jack Cocktail

More burgundy than black but dark fruits of the forest dominate this medium dry cocktail.

Blackthorn (Kirschwasser) image

Blackthorn (Kirschwasser)

This drink benefits from a long, chilling and diluting stir. The result is Martini in style, fruity yet dry.

Eider Duck image

Eider Duck

As Jason Clapham (the Difford's Guide reader who brought this citrusy sweet 'n' sour cocktail to my attention in February 2020) says, it's essentially

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe) image

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe)

Craddock describes this as 'a very dry cocktail'. It is, but pleasantly so.

New Amsterdam image

New Amsterdam

A delicately flavoured and lightly balanced genever based drink with hints of kirsch and aromatic Creole bitters.

Russian Cocktail image

Russian Cocktail

Sweet brandy meets dry cherry eau-de-vie in this serious vodka-laced cocktail. Contemporary bartenders may prefer to stir this cocktail but it's classically

Dopo Cena image

Dopo Cena

Under the white head lies a dessert cocktail (Dopo Cena is Italian for 'after dinner') with aromatic cherry and marzipan flavours.

1920s Artist image

1920s Artist

Despite its soft salmon pink hue this cocktail is boozy with Irish whiskey and sherry to the fore. Oloroso sherry and dry vermouth balance each other harmoniously

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