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Montenegro amaro
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Hunter's Verdict image

Hunter's Verdict

Brilliantly balanced and composed, this is a rum-forward boozy digestive with herbal complexity and enlivening ginger to contemplate a great meal and a

M & M image

M & M

Deliciously simple, boozy, vaguely Negroni-like, very tasty and perfect for late-night sipping.

Yamabuki image


Whisky-laced and delicately bittersweet with complex herbal notes. A delicious aperitivo.

Adriatique Cocktail image

Adriatique Cocktail

Bittersweet zesty orange with deep herbal complexity. Great for a summer afternoon or an evening aperitivo.

Bubo Bubo image

Bubo Bubo

Bittersweet and whisky-laced but smoothed and mellowed by honeyed richness.

Burning Bright image

Burning Bright

There are hints of Hemingway Daiquiri to this multi-layered bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour aperitivo.

Canadian Tuxedo image

Canadian Tuxedo

On the sour/dry side, this aperitif-style cocktail combines bittersweet amaro and gentian with Canadian rye whisky and citrus sourness.

Circus Circus image

Circus Circus

A cleansing, delicately minty, bittersweet and very complex after-dinner digestivo.

Dante's Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail image

Dante's Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Dashes of bitters just keep this from wavering onto the sweet side of bittersweet. Honey adds delicate richness to rye whiskey and amaro.

Day La Vie image

Day La Vie

Juan Meyer's original recipe calls for equal parts: Redemption rye whiskey, Suze, Amaro de Montenegro, and lemon juice. It's very tasty but I couldn't

Doubloon image


Rich Spanish cream sherry, pungent Jamaican rum and Italian bittersweet amaro are unlikely bedfellows but combine harmoniously in this late-night sipper.

Four-flusher image


In cowboy lingo, a four-flusher is a cheat/swindler/liar but in this case, a Four-Flusher is a tasty bittersweet four equal parts aperitivo cocktail.

Full Monte No.2 image

Full Monte No.2

Amaro replaces vermouth in this delectably bittersweet Reverse Manhattan.

Lost Plane image

Lost Plane

Amaro's distinctive flavours shine through alongside the dark rum in this aperitivo cocktail.

Mad Monk Monkey image

Mad Monk Monkey

Monkey 47 tops a mad list of ingredients with a Monastic liqueur also influencing the name of this gin-laced herbal sour.

Mollymock image


Generously flavoured, bittersweet, sweet 'n' sour and Daiquiri-like.

Monte & Tonic image

Monte & Tonic

Bittersweet and very refreshing with hints of zesty citrus freshness.

Monte Manhattan image

Monte Manhattan

Bittersweet herbal and citrusy notes influence this aperitivo-style riff on a classic Manhattan.

Monte Paloma image

Monte Paloma

As you'd expect of a Paloma, refreshing grapefruit and tequila but with delicate bitter complexity.

Monte Whiskey Sour image

Monte Whiskey Sour

A herbal and citrusy bittersweet whiskey sour.