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Averna Amaro
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Going Out West image

Going Out West

A rye whiskey and mezcal-based Old Fashioned that's made special by a splash of amaro.

Beatnik image


This whiskey-laced, bittersweet red wine-like, three-ingredient cocktail is best appreciated as an after-dinner digestive or late-night refresher.

Bonaparte's Manhattan image

Bonaparte's Manhattan

This subtly mandarin orange-influenced Sweet Manhattan is made drier and all the more complex, not by dashes of bitters, but by a slug of Italian amaro.

Devil's Soul image

Devil's Soul

Spirituous, smoky, earthy, bittersweet, floral, herbal and complex. I've reduced the original serve by one-third to produce a complex, serious and most

Intercontinental image


Bittersweet spirituous armagnac with nutty fruity maraschino.

Jeez Louise image

Jeez Louise

Bittersweet with zesty citrus and subtle carbonation lifting and enlivening deeper rooty and herbal notes.

Longshoreman image


Big flavours combine harmoniously in this Manhattan riff which substitutes bitters for an amaro.

Black Manhattan image

Black Manhattan

A classic Manhattan with amaro in place of sweet vermouth. Heavier in style and with distinctive bitter chocolate and light spice.

Big Chief image

Big Chief

A spirit-forward (bourbon) Manhattan-style digestivo.

Barribault image


Whisps of characterful whisky lace this spirit-forward bittersweet late-night sipper.

Negroni and the Goat image

Negroni and the Goat

Negroni in name and Negroni in style with the sweetness of Aperol countered by the use of amaro.

Italian Chocolate Martini image

Italian Chocolate Martini

There may be some chocolate in your coffee liqueur and perhaps cocoa beans play a role in the amaro, but like the Coffee Cocktail (which has no coffee)

Peligroso image


Bittersweet and spicy this is a warming, comforting winter aperitivo.

Rebennack No. 1 image

Rebennack No. 1

Spirit-forward with heavy herbal flavours lifted by zesty orange.

Across the Pacific image

Across the Pacific

Tiki meets the aperitivo/digestivo in this sweet 'n' sour almond daiquiri. Like other daiquiris, this cocktail benefits from dilution so, hence the serve

Remind Me Cocktail image

Remind Me Cocktail

A delicious stirred down, grappa laced aperitif or summertime digestif.

Orléans image


There's a pleasingly bittersweet cola bite to this spirit-forward aperitivo/digestivo.

The Carlsbaek image

The Carlsbaek

Mezcal and bittersweet coffee, freshened with zesty citrus.

Roman Highball image

Roman Highball

A refreshing Pimm's Cup-like. A great long drink to come home to.

Improved Vermouth Cocktail image

Improved Vermouth Cocktail

An alluringly complex blend of bittersweet, herbal and fruity components that results in a cocktail greater than its parts.

Amaro Daiquiri image

Amaro Daiquiri

Bittersweet and lightly spicy notes from amaro play an important role in this cocktail well beyond just the name.

Midnight Bouquet image

Midnight Bouquet

Spirit-forward and bittersweet with faint floral elderflower and whisps of mezcal.

Smoke and Mirrors No.2 image

Smoke and Mirrors No.2

A hardcore but sublime drink.

La Cola Nostra image

La Cola Nostra

We do like a pun and this one is a particularly tasty aperitivo.

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