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Bonaparte's Manhattan image

Bonaparte's Manhattan

This subtly mandarin orange influenced Sweet Manhattan is made drier and all the more complex, not by dashes of bitters, but by a slug of Italian amaro.

Amaro-etti Biscotti (barrel aged) image

Amaro-etti Biscotti (barrel aged)

Cognac, amaretto and amaro aromatised with vanilla bitters and Islay single malt.

Black Manhattan image

Black Manhattan

Basically, a classic Manhattan with amaro in place of sweet vermouth. Heavier in style and with distinctive bitter chocolate and light spice.

French Kiss #3 image

French Kiss #3

Raspberry and rich almond tamed by lime with underlying cognac character.

Italian Chocolate Martini image

Italian Chocolate Martini

There may be some chocolate in your coffee liqueur and perhaps cocoa beans play a role in the amaro, but like the Coffee Cocktail which has no coffee,

Jeez Louise image

Jeez Louise

Bittersweet with zesty citrus and subtle carbonation lifting and enlivening deeper rooty and herbal notes.

La Cola Nostra image

La Cola Nostra

We do like a pun and this one is a particularly tasty aperitivo.

Longshoreman image


Big flavours combine harmoniously in this Manhattan riff which substitutes bitters for an amaro.

Negroni and the Goat image

Negroni and the Goat

Negroni in name and Negroni in style with the sweetness of Aperol countered by the use of amaro.

Pura Vida image

Pura Vida

Lightly smoked earthy coffee with hints of zesty orange.

Remind Me Cocktail image

Remind Me Cocktail

A delicious stirred down, grappa laced aperitif or summertime digestif.

Roman Highball image

Roman Highball

A refreshing Pimm's Cup-like. A great long drink to come home to.

A Moment of Silence image

A Moment of Silence

With a whopping 15ml of bitters on top of 15ml amaro (Italian for bitter) and a punchy 45ml high proof rye, this cocktail perhaps would have been better

Jim Jam image

Jim Jam

Bittersweet with rich jammy apricot and a touch of tart citrus freshness, this cocktail teeters on being sweet but manages to remain balanced.

Monteleone image


A sipper of a cocktail to chase a meal or for late-night contemplation.

Prospector No.2 image

Prospector No.2

A Sweet Manhattan riff with rich Pedro Ximénez sherry taming bourbon and amaro adding complexity.

Red Head image

Red Head

A bittersweet aperitif style cocktail with light strawberry and delicate lavender notes.

Yesterday, Today and Amaro image

Yesterday, Today and Amaro

Bittersweet and spiritous with herbal and subtle chocolate notes. Beware, boozy is an understatement, so perhaps split this recipe between two small stemmed

Back in Black image

Back in Black

Not yet rated

Constantinos Kazelis says of his drink, “Back in Black is a drink that represents evolution through hard work; ‘out of limitations, creativity blossoms’

It Was All A Dream image

It Was All A Dream

Not yet rated

Adapted from a recipe created for Bacardí Legacy 2017 by Darnell Holguin at Fifty Restaurant and Bar, New York, USA. Inspiration: “My drink is inspired