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Aniseed (anise) liqueur
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21st Century (Jim Meehan's recipe) image

21st Century (Jim Meehan's recipe)

Jim Meehan is rightly proud of his ground-breaking tequila-based riff on the classic 20th Century and it is indeed both delicious and well-balanced. He

Islander image


Vermouth-based and bittersweet with anise and fennel. Depending on your scotch, also faint smokiness.

Longines image


The combination of Spanish brandy, strong aniseed liqueur (at least 40% alc./vol.) and black tea give this cocktail a pleasing liquorice flavour with mouth

Greta Garbo image

Greta Garbo

A deliciously clean and cleansing Daiquiri with delicate notes of maraschino and anise.

Bitter Maid image

Bitter Maid

A half-ounce of almond syrup is an unlikely ingredient in an aperitivo-style cocktail. Indeed, it's an unlikely recipe but produces an interesting and

Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Wonderfully refreshing: apple and anise served up on a grassy vodka base.

Asylum Cocktail image

Asylum Cocktail

Seabrook said of this drink, look like rosy dawn, taste like the milk of Paradise, and make you plenty crazy. He must have been a Pernod lover.

Montréal image


A sweet rye Manhattan with French Creole influence.

French Kiwi & Apple Caipirinha image

French Kiwi & Apple Caipirinha

This kiwi and apple flavoured caipirinha is made French by the merest hint of anis (aniseed). For information on the history and other variations of the

Anis'tini image


Specs of star anise are evident in this aniseedy Martini.

Nicky Finn image

Nicky Finn

Basically, a Sidecar spiked with an aniseedy dash of anis liqueur.

Light Breeze image

Light Breeze

A Seabreeze based on anise rather than vodka, benefitting from aniseed depth and sweetness.

Sunny Breeze image

Sunny Breeze

A suitably named refreshing long drink with an adult dry edge and kick.

Black Cocktail image

Black Cocktail

The Pernod & Black of the 1980s revisited. Anis liqueur enhances the rich, tart flavours of blackberry.

Threesome image


Why stop at three when you can have a foursome? An interesting meld of apple, orange, anise and pineapple.

Lighter Breeze image

Lighter Breeze

Long, fragrant and refreshing.

Drowned Out image

Drowned Out

Ginger combines with aniseed rather than drowning it.

Appleissimo image


Stir the anis in with straws before drinking. Anis is best added last as it reacts on contact with ice.

Milky Mojito image

Milky Mojito

An anise laced alternative to a Mojito. The name refers to the opaque white colour of the drink after soda is added to the anis.

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini image

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini

As the name implies, this Martini is a good helping of smoky peat. And, if you like that kind of thing, it's equally dreamy.

Modernista image


A massive flavour hit to awaken your taste buds.

Monte image


A long, fragrant, almost floral summer drink cooler with lots of aniseed.

Moonraker image


A diverse range of flavours come together surprisingly well.

Mucky Bottom image

Mucky Bottom

Four very strong and distinctive flavours somehow tone each other down.

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