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Italian red bitter liqueur
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Curtain Call image

Curtain Call

Curtain Call is dedicated to the guests. It expresses my gratitude and desire to give something back and put my guests in the spotlight. Often thought,

Negroni Cocktail image

Negroni Cocktail

Bitter and dry, but very tasty. This no namby-pamby drink is traditionally assembled and mixed directly in the glass. There is something about a Negroni

Enzoni image


Think Negroni but with citrus freshness and grape fruitiness.

Garibaldi image


A fabulous brunch cocktail. How you squeeze (and blend) your oranges is key to achieving the fluffy orange juice that makes this drink special. At New

Irish Boulevardier image

Irish Boulevardier

Blended Irish whiskey replaces richer bourbon in this mellow yet dry riff on the classic Boulevardier.

Negroni del Professore image

Negroni del Professore

Bittersweet and Negro-like with deep herbal, rooty and bark bitterness.

Negroni Spumante image

Negroni Spumante

A Negroni lengthened with sparkling wine. Every Negroni drinker should try this variation

Old Friend image

Old Friend

Tart, dry and lightly bitter, but with just enough underlying sweetness to stroke the palate and make another sip so very desirable – a complex, bittersweet

Old Gal image

Old Gal

This Negroni-style cocktail riff on the Old Pal, with bianco vermouth which has a more mellowing effect on the whiskey than the dry vermouth traditionally

Sloegroni image


Lighter in colour and more mellow in flavour than a classic Negroni with sloe gin adding richness and subtle berry flavours.

Spritz Al Bitter (Spritz Veneziano) image

Spritz Al Bitter (Spritz Veneziano)

Basically, a Spritzer with a generous splash of Italian red bitter liqueur- dry and very refreshing. The perfect aperitivo.

The Haiti Cocktail image

The Haiti Cocktail

This vintage aperitif is lightly bitter and wonderfully complex with distinctive Ferro China, vermouth and Demerara rum favours.

The Right Hand image

The Right Hand

This rum based Negroni may make you wonder why you’ve been drinking gin Negronis all these years.

A Lucky Roman Americano image

A Lucky Roman Americano

By Luana Bosello, Italy “One summer evening, I was in Rome, sitting in a downtown square. I was waiting for 5 p.m., the time scheduled for my first

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder image

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Absinthe and gin delicately lead this subtle cherry-flavoured cocktail. Campari adds more colour than flavour while pink grapefruit freshens.

All In image

All In

Spirituous and bittersweet with a underlying chocolaty treat.

Americano image


A bitter, fizzy, long refreshing drink, which you'll love if you like Campari.

Anita image


By Thalita Alves, Australia “There’s only one thing I adore almost as much as mixing beautiful drinks: dancing. Imagining original combinations of

Anything Else image

Anything Else

Zesty lemon, Campari and tangy IPA makes for a zippy, refreshing drink. A characterful IPA and nailing exactly the right amount of honey are key to this

Around The World With A Negroni image

Around The World With A Negroni

By Jennyfer Lee and Jorge Cordero, Dominican Republic JENNYFER “You can’t imagine how many bizarre characters there are in the world until you open