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Sloe Gin
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Sloegroni image


Lighter in colour and more mellow in flavour than a classic Negroni with sloe gin adding richness and subtle berry flavours.

San Francisco (Café Royal) image

San Francisco (Café Royal)

Fruity, aromatic and complex. This is one of my favourite sloe gin cocktails, made all the more appealing by its bijou serve.

Christmas Negroni image

Christmas Negroni

A classic Negroni turned festive with added Christmassy flavours. A proper Christmas cracker!

Ocean Shore image

Ocean Shore

A sloe gin sour with a touch of almond. If you opt not to follow my addition of vanilla bitters, then consider dropping the orgeat to 5ml (1 bar spoon).

The Astor image

The Astor

Gin-laced rich berry fruit freshened with lime and mint. Enjoy as a satisfying palate cleanser before or after a meal.

Blackthorn No. 1 image

Blackthorn No. 1

Dashes of bitters and lemon oils from the garnish are key to this sloe gin-based classic from the turn of the 20th century.

Lawrence image


Some may want to stir this gin-laced aperitivo but it's better enlivened by shaking, as per the original 1933 recipe. Beware, this cocktail benefits from

Slow Comfortable Mexican Screw Against the Wall image

Slow Comfortable Mexican Screw Against the Wall

Tequila adds a Mexican touch to the Slow Screw family to create a tasty riff on a Screwdriver. Great for a lazy summer afternoon or a barbeque.

Negrino image


A riff on the classic Negroni from Vietnam, which brilliantly set the richness of sloe gin against bone dry fino sherry while harnessing the herbal bitterness

Mulled Negroni image

Mulled Negroni

Red wine, clove-forward falernum and sloe gin add Mulled notes to this Negroni.

Slow Negroni image

Slow Negroni

As the name suggests, this is a classic Negroni with sloe gin introduced as a fourth ingredient. Its flavour is exactly as it says on the tin – a sloe

Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Cold Hard Wall image

Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Cold Hard Wall

Sloe gin is the 'Slow', Sothern Comfort is the 'Comfortable', vodka and orange juice are the 'Screw' (as in Screwdriver), ice is the 'Cold', overproof

Blackthorn No. 5 image

Blackthorn No. 5

Sloeberry fruit and gin form the backbone of this aperitivo/digestivo, which is freshened by a splash of lemon juice and opened by being shaken. (Other

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall image

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall

Galliano adds the wall (as in Harvey Wallbanger) and some herbal peppermint to this Slow Comfortable Screw. Yes, the name's corny but made with fresh orange,

Red Rum 'Martini' image

Red Rum 'Martini'

A beautifully fruity, adult balance of bittersweet flavours.

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall With A Bang image

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall With A Bang

One of the better Sloe Comfortable Screw derivations - Overproof rum provides the Bang. Boozy fruity and balanced rather than sweet – what's not to like?

Wibble image


As Dick Bradsell once said to me, It may make you wobble, but it won't make you fall down. Dick named this cocktail after the 1970s' Weebles children's

Blackthorn (English) image

Blackthorn (English)

A sloe berry-influenced fruity Perfect Martini.

Sloe Gin Fizz image

Sloe Gin Fizz

With the right brand of sloe gin and champagne, this citrusy berry cocktail is just on the dry/tart side of balanced (add more sugar or choose your sloe

Saison l'Hiver image

Saison l'Hiver

The rich wintery flavours of sloe gin and honey are balanced by lemon juice with clove providing seasonal spice and rosé champagne lifting and refreshing

Green Deacon image

Green Deacon

Actually, a shade of orange-red rather than green, the name is a reference to the absinthe in this unusual combination of ingredients. The absinthe-rinse

Slow Comfortable Screw Between the Sheets image

Slow Comfortable Screw Between the Sheets

The rum and cognac combo from Between the Sheets served as part of the Slow Comfortable genre. As with so many of the Slow Comfortable family of cocktails,

Slow Screw image

Slow Screw

Reminiscent of a fruity screwdriver with a botanical gin character. When made with a good slow gin and freshly squeezed orange juice this is a great brunch

Persephone image


Apple brandy and sloe gin sit brilliantly with rosso vermouth in this sour.

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