20 best Advocaat cocktails

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Creamy and indulgent – advocaat is brilliantly suited to Christmas and indeed Christmas cocktails.

Advocaat is a traditional Dutch liqueur found widely across Europe, particularly the Low Countries. Here in the UK, driven by one cocktail – the Snowball, advocaat sales boom in December with bottles, that sat on shelves unwanted for months, snapped up while stocks last. Naturally, I've included a Snowball in this 20 best selection of advocaat cocktails, but why settle for a mere Snowball when you can have a Champagne Snowball?

If you're reading this in North America wondering what the heck advocaat is, well it's best compared to eggnog without milk, cream, or even egg white. It's literally brandy (or other alcohol) egg yolk, sugar and vanilla. And it's delicious.

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Ambrosia Cocktail
With: Brandy, spiced vanilla liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse, and advocaat.
We say: Named after the Greek for "elixir of life, the food of the Gods" so, appropriately, this cocktail contains Chartreuse as well as advocaat.

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Angel's Advocate
With: Gin, advocaat, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, and cardamom bitters.
We say: A heavenly cocktail created by one of our favourite Dutch bartenders, Tess Posthumus.

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With: Añejo tequila, amontillado sherry, and advocaat.
We say: Creamy but not sweet with tequila character shining through.

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Beach Blonde
With: Banana, advocaat, overproof rum, and orange juice.
We say: Creamy, fruity, holiday drinking.

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Bessie & Jessie
With: Scotch whisky, advoccat, and milk.
We say: Malty, creamy, eggy and tasty.

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Canary Flip
With: Advocaat, sauvignon blanc wine, and lemon juice.
We say: Creamy rich advocaat balanced and freshened by wine and citrusy acidity.

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Casablanca No.2
With: Vodka, advocaat, Galliano, lemon juice, orange juice, and cream.
We say: Creamy, fruity alcoholic custard.

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Champagne Snowball
With: Champagne, fino sherry, lime cordial, and advocaat.
We say: Rich and creamy advocaat freshened with dry sherry and zest lime, and invigorated with champagne.

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Christmas Pudding & Custard Cocktail
With: Advocaat, brandy, and fino sherry.
We say: Alcoholic custard served with liquid Christmas pudding-like Pedro Ximenez sherry.

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Christmas Velvet Alexander
With: Advocaat, gin, and fino sherry.
We say: A Christmassy riff on a classic Alexander cocktail.

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Creme Egg Cocktail
With: Vanilla vodka, Licor 43, white crème de cacao, advocaat, and cream.
We say: An Easter Egg of a cocktail that's an indulgent treat anytime of the year.

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Crème Anglaise Cocktail
With: Vanilla vodka, advocaat and cream.
We say: As the name suggests, reminiscent of alcoholic crème anglaise.

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Dutch Breakfast Cocktail
With: Advocaat, gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and Galliano.
We say: A creamy alternative to a fry-up.

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Dutch Courage
With: Gin, advocaat, lemon juice, and apple juice.
We say: Gin-laced, lemony advocaat.

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With: Cognac, advocaat, Yellow Chartreuse, and chocolate bitters.
We say: Brandy and advocaat (the eggy element) is a classic and indulgent combo that says Easter and/or Christmas – both spiritual holidays so the addition of Chartreuse is obvious.

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Fluffy Duck
With: Gin, advocaat, triple sec, orange juice and soda.
We say: Light cream and easy drinking.

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Orange Custard Cocktail
With: Advocaat, brandy, cognac-orange liqueur, vanilla syrup, and vanilla bitters.
We say: Thick and rich – just as a dessert cocktail should be.

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Rhubarb & Custard Cocktail
With: Gin, advocaat, and rhubarb liqueur.
We say: Gin-laced rhubarb and custard.

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With: Lemonade, lime juice, and advocaat.
We say: The 70s British Christmas cocktail endures and is enjoyed by a new generation of drinkers.

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Whisky Butter
With: Scotch whisky, fine sherry, Yellow Chartreuse, advocaat, and Islay single malt whisky.
We say: Creamy rather than buttery but suitably yellow in colour, whisky-laced and very tasty.

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