19 July

Daiquiri No.1 on-the-rocks (Difford's 10:3:2 formula) image

Today is Daiquiri Day

So we are drinking a...

Daiquiri No.1 on-the-rocks (Difford's 10:3:2 formula)

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Today bars the world over will be celebrating National Daiquiri Day, and as the original, non-slushified Daiquiri is one of our very favourite cocktails, we’re more than happy to join them.

While the combination of rum, lime and sugar is a very, very old one - dating back to the early days of the British Navy and most likely before - most credit mining engineer Jennings Cox with the creation of the Daiquiri, perhaps naming it at the Venus Hotel in Santiago de Cuba. Our Daiquiri encyclopedia page has Cox's story and an in-depth look at what recipe and procedures produce the perfect Daiquiri.

If celebrating Daiquiri Day at home, then we recommend you mix up a couple of Daiquiris and you'll find a link to our favourite recipe above and links to numerous other variations at the foot of this page. However, Daiquiri Day is a day to socialise, party and hit some bars. Those of you, like us, in New Orleans for Tales will find the folk from Bacardi (the rum Jennings Cox used in that original Daiquiri), toasting Daiquiri Day on the rooftop of the new Ace Hotel rooftop with Daiquiris made by Cuban bartenders of La Flordita (8pm- 9pm Ace Hotel, 600 Carondelet St, New Orleans.)

Back in London, Bacardi has teamed up with 12 bars (below) where they have challenged bartenders to create their own twist on the Daiquiri inspired by one of these eras since the creation of the Daiquiri:
- Pre-prohibition based on the original 1889 Daiquiri
- 1980s disco when they became more flamboyant and colourful
- 1990s Tiki and contemporary styled
The bars, bartenders and their respective cocktails on offer are:

American Bar at the Savoy Hotel
The Savoy, The Savoy Hotel, 100 Strand, London WC2R 0EZ

ency 36 image

Malecon by Eric Lorincz
A contemporary styled Daiquiri with:
45ml Bacardi
10ml Oloroso sherry
15ml ruby port
15ml sugar
30ml lime juice
3 drops Peychaud's Bitters

HIX Soho
66-70 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UP

ency 11 image

Keeleys Peach Daiquiri by Dustin MacMillan
A contemporary-styled Daiquiri with:
50ml peach infused Bacardi Rum
5ml crème de peche
25ml lime juice
20ml pineapple juice
10ml sugar syrup
garnished with a dehydrated peach

Cocktail Trading Co.
68, Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GQ

ency 49 image

BlackJack Daiq by Elliott Ball & Andy Mil
A disco-styled Daiquiri with:
Bacardi Carta Blanca
Bittered Christmas spices

Trailer Happiness
177 Portobello Road, London W11 2DY

ency 69 image

The Spiced Daiquiri by Jon Everid
A Tiki-style Daiquiri with:
Bacardi Carta Blanca
Pimento Dram
Lime juice

Chiltern Firehouse
1 Chiltern Street, London W1U 7PA

ency 58 image

Windrush Daiquiri by Dean Shury
A Tiki-style Daiquiri with:
30ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
30ml Bacardi Carta Ocho
15ml Spiced pineapple cordial
20ml Lime juice
0.5ml Chartreuse

4-6 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ

ency 86 image

Frozen Banana Daiquiri by Will Thompson
A disco-styled Daiquiri with:
60ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
25ml Lime juice
¼ Muddled banana
15ml Crème de banane
10ml Sugar syrup
10ml Galliano float

Duck and Waffle
110 Bishopsgate, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

ency 34 image

Breakfast at Hemmingways' by Richard Woods
A contemporary-styled Daiquiri with:
35ml Bacardi Carta Blanca burnt toast
35ml Pink grapefruit juice
3 spoon Maraschino liqueur

Fumoir Bar at Claridges
Claridge's, 49 Brook St, London W1K 4HR

ency 60 image

New England Punch by Denis Broci
A pre-Prohibition-style Daiquiri with:
45ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
10ml Kummel
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Jasmine syrup

1 Dover Street, London W1S 4LD

ency 93 image

Daddy Tiki Daiquiri by Georgi
A Tiki-style Daiquiri with:
50ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
10ml Re'al Passion fruit
10ml Lime juice
10ml Orange juice
10ml Falernum
10ml Honey syrup
1/2 Fresh passion fruit

Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DW

ency 95 image

Cigar Daiquiri by Pietro Rizzo
A pre-Prohibition-style Daiquiri with:
50ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
25ml Perrique Tobacco liqueur
25ml Lime juice
1 dash Sugar syrup

The Langham, 1C Portland Pl, London W1B 1JA

ency 74 image

Taíno Elixir by Gabor Fodor
A pre-Prohibition-style Daiquiri made by blending:
50ml Bacardi Carta Blanca with 2 frozen cherries
then shaking this with:
40ml Homemade frozen sweet and sour (1:2 Sugar and fresh lime juice)
The cocktail is served in an original 1910's coupe glass and garnished with a frozen cherry. Apparently, the word Daiquiri originates from the Taíno language which is one of the native tribes of Cuba.

Smithfield Markets, E Poultry Avenue, London EC1A 9LH

ency 73 image

Dominica Daiquiri by Luca Cinalli
A Tiki-style Daiquiri with:
Bacardi Carta Blanca
Prickly pear jam
Nutmeg mace
Lime juice

Quick links to classic Daiquiri recipes

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Daiquiri No.1 (El Floridita style)
Daiquiri No.2 with triple sec and orange juice
Daiquiri No.2 (El Floridita style) with sweet vermouth, white cacao and grenadine
Daiquiri No.3 - with grapefruit and maraschino liqueur
Daiquiri No.4 (Florida style) - golden rum based with maraschino liqueur
Daiquiri No.5 (Pink Daiquiri) - with pomegranate syrup and maraschino
Hemingway Special Daiquiri (Papa Doble) - double the rum with grapefruit and maraschino
Mulata Daiquiri - with aged rum and originally Bacardi Elixir - now with crème de cacao

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