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Vanilla liqueur
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Elle for Leather image

Elle for Leather

A long, cooling champagne cocktail pepped up with scotch whisky, smoothed with vanilla liqueur. Easy drinking - yet adult.

Raspberry Frangipane Spritz image

Raspberry Frangipane Spritz

Just like the eponymously named dessert this slightly sweet spritz is flavoured with raspberry, almond, vanilla and coconut. Butterscotch liqueur adds

Cool Orchard image

Cool Orchard

An unusual line up of ingredients combine to make a great drink.

Hemingway Martini image

Hemingway Martini

A fresh and refreshing orange and vanilla influenced Vodkatini.

Kentucky Dream image

Kentucky Dream

Tames bourbon and adds hints of apricot, vanilla and apple.

Key Lime Pie #3 image

Key Lime Pie #3

My favourite rendition of this dessert-in-a-glass cocktail. To make the pie rim - wipe with cream mix and dip into crushed Graham Crackers or digestive

Pineapple Sour image

Pineapple Sour

Bourbon’s strength and richness of flavour, with tropical pineapple, freshened by citrus.

Sandstorm image


A long, fruity drink featuring well balanced sweet and sourness.

The Nooner image

The Nooner

Charles Joly's original recipe called for Nevan liqueur (sadly no longer made) and fresh ginger. This simplified version has a flavour reminiscent of the

Upside-Down Raspberry Cheesecake image

Upside-Down Raspberry Cheesecake

Surprisingly, the biscuity top continues to float as you sip the vanilla cream layer right down to the point when you hit the raspberry base.

Blush Martini image

Blush Martini

Drier than it looks, but still one to follow the dessert trolley.

Doughnut Cocktail image

Doughnut Cocktail

My attempt at mimicking the taste of a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut without ending up with an overly sweet cocktail.

Serendipity (by Jamie Stephenson) image

Serendipity (by Jamie Stephenson)

Long, red, fruity, vanilla.

Le Grand Feu image

Le Grand Feu

Cognac smoothed with vanilla and cream, spiced with chai tea.

Davy Jones image
User submitted

Davy Jones

By Franck Fedida and Guillaume Giordano We invented this cocktail a friend and I a few years back while we were in med school. Since, it has always been

Jubilee Flip image
User submitted

Jubilee Flip

Not yet rated

I came up for this for the Cherry Heering contest. Cheery brandy is an extravagant/classic liquor and as such reminded me of an equally classic cherry

Kelsey's Serendipity (by Jamie Stephenson) image
User submitted

Kelsey's Serendipity (by Jamie Stephenson)

Not yet rated

MUDDLE blackberries in in base of shaker. Add other ingredients, SHAKE with ice and strain into glass filled with crushed ice.

Peach amaretto martini image
User submitted

Peach amaretto martini

Not yet rated

Inspired by a simpler recipe on Pinterest with a few additions for a better balance

Red Fright image
User submitted

Red Fright

Not yet rated

In february, with first sunny days, in Sarajevo 2021, created by Senadin Sano Kličić

Rhubarb Rhubarb image
User submitted

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Not yet rated

Created to use up the excess juice from stewed rhubarb.