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Apple Schnapps liqueur
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Frisky Bison image

Frisky Bison

Sweet 'n' sour, fruity, minty and fresh.

Apple Cart image

Apple Cart

A splash of apple liqueur helps balance this otherwise overly sour calvados-based Sidecar.

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps) image

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps)

There are as many different recipes for this drink as there are varieties of apple and brands of apple liqueur: this one was popular in the UK during the

Applesinth image


Hints of apple and liquorice combine to make a very moreish cocktail.

Apple Strudel image

Apple Strudel

Apple, vanilla and a hint of Scotch and cinnamon- reminiscent of the dessert but a good deal drier.

Apple Manhattan image

Apple Manhattan

Rusty gold in colour, this is a flavoursome threesome for bourbon lovers.

Cider Apple Cocktail image

Cider Apple Cocktail

As the name suggests, rich cider flavours with a sharp finish.

Sangria Cocktail image

Sangria Cocktail

Brandy-based and fruit laced - just like its namesake.

Apple Manhattan #2 image

Apple Manhattan #2

Exactly as billed, a Manhattan with a hint of apple.

Granny's image


Apple, rum and cinnamon were made for each other.

Robin Hood image

Robin Hood

American readers might consider this an Apple Martini based on rum.

Apple Spritz image

Apple Spritz

Sweet, fruity champagne.

Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Wonderfully refreshing: apple and anise served up on a grassy vodka base.

Apple Mojito image

Apple Mojito

An enduring classic given a touch of apple. Those with a sweet tooth may want to add more apple liqueur or even a dash of sugar syrup.

Sidecar Named Desire image

Sidecar Named Desire

Take a classic Sidecar and add some love interest - apples!

Tarte Tatin Cocktail image

Tarte Tatin Cocktail

A creamy top hides a vanilla, apple and caramel combo. Inspired by the dessert created by the Tatin sisters, a tart of caramelised apples cooked under

Apple & Elderflower Collins image

Apple & Elderflower Collins

A John Collins with lime in place of lemon and sweetened with apple and elderflower liqueurs.

American Pie Cocktail image

American Pie Cocktail

This berry and apple pie has a tangy bite.

Jean Marc image

Jean Marc

Chartreuse combines well with apple, ginger and mint in this summertime drink.

Teddy Bear image

Teddy Bear

Light (low in alcohol) and tad on the sweet side, apple and pear with a hint of cinnamon spice.

The Quingenti image

The Quingenti

Cognac with apple notes and a touch of herbal complexity by way of dry vermouth.

Wilton Martini image

Wilton Martini

Refined cinnamon and apple.

Amber image


A combination of adult flavours in a long, thirst-quenching drink. Also good served straight-up.

Pulp Fiction image

Pulp Fiction

Originally made with apple pulp, this drink has a zingy apple taste.

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