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Coconut water
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Coco Geisha image

Coco Geisha

Delicately enriched whisky, sake and coco water – a trio that sits together harmoniously.

Trade Winds image

Trade Winds

Coconut water adds dilution and subtly flavours this cognac-based cocktail with sweet vermouth and subtle notes of chocolate and Angostura.

El Viajero image

El Viajero

Rum, coconut water and Pedro Ximénez sherry are unusual bedfellows in a cocktail but work well together and are toned by lime juice and chocolate bitters.

Coconut Rum Punch image

Coconut Rum Punch

Coconut and rum with a splash of lime are a tried and tested flavour matches. In this case with the added punch of funky overproof Jamaican rum.

Piña Clara image

Piña Clara

This delicious and light long drink harnesses the classic combination of coconut, rum and pineapple.

White Water Ride image

White Water Ride

Funky rum and coconut water enveloped in zesty orange, rose and faint minty freshness.

Green Isaac's Special image

Green Isaac's Special

Ernest Hemingway was a hardened drinker who also suffered from haemochromatosis (a rare hereditary disease that can lead to diabetes) so avoided sugar.

Lovely Pear of Coconuts image

Lovely Pear of Coconuts

As the name implies, this cocktail has a duo of coconut flavours, with pear liqueur and laced with white rum.

Snake Eyes image

Snake Eyes

Proof, if it were needed, that mezcal works in tropical/Tiki cocktails.

Funk The Funky Funk image

Funk The Funky Funk

A funked-up Daiquiri. To properly appreciate, sip while listening to Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) from the album Hand On The Torch played at 11.

Electro Batida image

Electro Batida

Cachaça and coconut water with a touch of hazelnut, lime and subtly smoky mezcal.

El Coco image

El Coco

Rum and coconut water with the merest hint of lime.

Thai Red Daiquiri image

Thai Red Daiquiri

Created in December 2008 by yours truly at the Cabinet Room, London, England.

Caribeño image


A Daiquiri that is light on lime and elongated with coconut water. Delicious and very refreshing.

Punch Back image

Punch Back

Cachaça is the raw, spirity love interest in this rum based coconut and lime punch.

Dead Parrot Colada image

Dead Parrot Colada

Gin and delicate maraschino cherry with orange and lemon, coconut and a hint of Norwegian aquavit character.

Watermelon Batida image

Watermelon Batida

Watermelon adds fruity notes to this creamy Batida.

Batida image


Thick and creamy with fortifying underlying cachaça spirit.

Mure & Lavender Batida image

Mure & Lavender Batida

As the name suggests this creamy Batida is flavoured with blackberries and lavender.

El Tindero image

El Tindero

This drink was actually inspired by the man himself who founded Bacardí: Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. As I researched into him, a very clear picture of

Mariel image


A pleasing and interesting combination of flavours, but slightly on the sweet side and for some drinkers (us) lacks oomph.

Cuban Pete image

Cuban Pete

A well-balanced chocolatey, minty and subtly coconut daiquiri. Perhaps a tad too many flavours in one drink for some.

Martiki image


Dry and Martini-like. Assertive kümmel flavours pervade a punchy mix of rum and coconut water.

The Absinthe of Normal image

The Absinthe of Normal

Coconut, liquorice and anise are bold flavours to combine and hopefully make this cocktail deliciously abnormal.

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