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Xocolatl mole bitters
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Dantes in Fernet image

Dantes in Fernet

It's obvious that this Blood & Sand-like cocktail contains Fernet, it has an almost smoky herbal influence. Maple syrup is an inspired sweetener and flavour

Farmer's Tan image

Farmer's Tan

Mezcal, vermouth amaro and orange curaçao combine is a spirit-forward spipper.

Raisin' Cane image

Raisin' Cane

Adapted from a recipe created by Myles Worrell at The Esquire Tavern in San Antonio, USA. Myles' original recipe called for 2oz Pineau des Charentes rouge,

The Right Hand image

The Right Hand

This rum based Negroni may make you wonder why you’ve been drinking gin Negronis all these years.

'Two Guns' Miller image

'Two Guns' Miller

Sweet vermouth rounds while pink grapefruit liqueur freshens reposado tequila with gentle but enlivening cinnamon spice and faint bitter chocolate.

Espress Ya'self image

Espress Ya'self

Boozed-up and spiced, a coffee espresso has never been so expressive.

Improved Dunlop Cocktail image

Improved Dunlop Cocktail

Rich and fruity tawny port sits beautifully with aged rhum agricole in this spirit-forward late-night sipper.

Midnight Marauder image

Midnight Marauder

A bittersweet after-dinner digestif with lightly a smoky hint of mezcal.

The Conference image

The Conference

As with any good conference, all the participants in this cocktail are heard and their contribution is equally valued. Due to its layering of different

Cinnamon 'Martini' image

Cinnamon 'Martini'

Vanilla and passion fruit with a touch of cinnamon.

Dreiklang (Three of a Kind) image

Dreiklang (Three of a Kind)

Named after the German word for 'three of a kind' due to the trio of flavours encountered in this drink; orange (from the twist), agave and chocolate.

Machine Head image

Machine Head

Overdo the smoke and your cocktail will start to resemble a cigar. Too little and you may find a tad sweet.

Guantanamera image


Not yet rated

“The cocktail I made for Legacy is inspired by the Cuban revolution in the late 1800s. I created a very simple drink that could be made in any bar in

Hug From Mary image

Hug From Mary

Not yet rated

Tony Barry says of his drink, “A ‘hug from Mary’ is a hospitality ritual among the bartenders of Cork. Mary is owner, bartender & host of the oldest

Albuquerque Old Fashioned image
User submitted

Albuquerque Old Fashioned

Not yet rated

1 barspoon Cane Syrup 20 drops Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub

Brazilian Kiss image
User submitted

Brazilian Kiss

Not yet rated

Inspired by cherries and chocolate and an alternative to rum. I chose Cachaca as the base spirit. This Brazilian sugar cane spirit is ideal for cocktails

Brigadier image
User submitted


Not yet rated

A boozy bittersweet offering that begins like bourbon candy, the citrus sweet melts into notes of chocolate and black pepper, lingers nicely and finishes

Christopher's Whisky Business image
User submitted

Christopher's Whisky Business

Not yet rated

The tequila should be infused with jalapeno pepper via the rapid infusion technique developed by David Arnold. About 40g pepper to 750ml Tequila.

David's New York Minute image
User submitted

David's New York Minute

Not yet rated

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.

Fernespresso image
User submitted


Not yet rated

I recently came across an article on the Internet that claimed that in certain regions in Italy it is not unusual to add a few drops of Fernet-Branca to