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Advocaat liqueur
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Angels’ Advocate image

Angels’ Advocate

Advocaat, gin and lemon juice sit together harmoniously in this pale yellow cocktail with vanilla syrup adding balance and cardamom enlivening the blend.

Añogo image


Creamy but not sweet with tequila character shining through. (Añogo is Spanish for 'yearn'.)

Canary Flip image

Canary Flip

A delightful balance of egg, spirit and wine.

Champagne Snowball image

Champagne Snowball

Deliciously silky smooth, indulgent, and decadent. Rich thick and creamy advocaat freshened with dry sherry, zesty lime cordial, and invigorated with champagne.

Christmas Velvet Alexander image

Christmas Velvet Alexander

Combining advocaat, gin and fino sherry, this is the ultimate stereotypical English granny's Christmas cocktail.

Creme Egg Cocktail image

Creme Egg Cocktail

As befits the name, this chocolate and vanilla vodka-based Easter Egg of a cocktail has both cream and egg – the later in the form of Dutch advocaat.

Orange Custard Cocktail image

Orange Custard Cocktail

A smooth creamy orangey dessert cocktail that is surprisingly boozy and far from overly sweet. However, be warned, it is thick and rich - just as a dessert

Whisky Butter image

Whisky Butter

Creamy and complex Christmassy cocktail. Fino sherry dries, Scotch whisky provides backbone and character while advocaat adds dairy-like creaminess. Chartreuse

Ambrosia Cocktail image

Ambrosia Cocktail

Easy-drinking but complex with a herbal edge.

Beach Blonde image

Beach Blonde

Fruity holiday drinking with a satisfying creamy mouthfeel. (This drink is creamy in texture due to egg rather than dairy cream.)

Crème Anglaise Cocktail image

Crème Anglaise Cocktail

Very reminiscent of alcoholic crème anglaise.

Custard Tart image

Custard Tart

Custardy, strangely enough.

Dutch Breakfast Cocktail image

Dutch Breakfast Cocktail

A tasty, aromatic, almost creamy alternative to a fry-up.

Dutch Courage image

Dutch Courage

A refreshing alternative to a traditional English lemonade.

Eggs-cellent image


Brandy and advocaat (the eggy element) is a classic and indulgent combo that says Easter and/or Christmas – both spiritual holidays so the addition of

Rhubarb & Custard Cocktail image

Rhubarb & Custard Cocktail

As sharp, sweet, creamy and flavourful as the dessert it imitates.

Snowball image


Fresh lime juice and lemonade freshens and invigorates creamy advocaat. Try our more luxurious and better Champagne Snowball.

Apple & Custard Cocktail image

Apple & Custard Cocktail

Smooth and creamy, this tastes like its name.

Bessie & Jessie image

Bessie & Jessie

Malty, creamy and eggy, but tasty.

Christmas Pudding & Custard Cocktail image

Christmas Pudding & Custard Cocktail

As the name suggests this drink combines flavours reminiscent of alcoholic custard with Pedro Ximenez sherry resembling liquid Christmas pudding.