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Blue curaçao liqueur
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Blue Lady image

Blue Lady

Vivid blue with a pale blue head, this is a striking cocktail. It also packs a whopping 45ml (1½oz) of blue curaçao but is far from being a disco drink.

Gun Metal Blue cocktail image

Gun Metal Blue cocktail

Orange, peach and cinnamon delicately flavour this mezcal-based Margarita riff.

Heisenberg Cocktail image

Heisenberg Cocktail

Like a suitably complex chemistry experiment, this Margarita-like cocktail has seven ingredients with mezcal adding smoky notes to tequila and a trio of

Sharman-Cox Daiquiri image

Sharman-Cox Daiquiri

A foam-topped blue riff on two classic cocktails which honours two men named Cox as well as our friend Hannah Sharman-Cox.

Three Lions (on the shirt) image

Three Lions (on the shirt)

A blue-rinsed riff on the Tarling's 1933 competition winning Red Lion, created with the hope of celebrating another English competition win. There is one

Vacation Martini image

Vacation Martini

A great-looking holiday (Tiki-style) cocktail with vanilla, coconut and pineapple.

Adios Motherfucker image

Adios Motherfucker

A blued Long Island Iced Tea by both colour and language.

Bikini Martini image

Bikini Martini

A vivid blue combination of lemon, orange and peach laced with gin.

Blue Eyed Martini image

Blue Eyed Martini

A blue-rinsed Vodka Martini with a hint of piney gin.

Blue Hawaii image

Blue Hawaii


Blue Lagoon image

Blue Lagoon

Lurid blue, easy-drinking zesty citrusy. This cocktail is also known as The Swimming Pool and lounging beside one, or at least imagining you are, is what

Blue Lassi image

Blue Lassi

Baby blue creamy yoghurt with vanilla infused vodka, orange liqueur and aromatic rose water.

Blue Velvet Margarita image

Blue Velvet Margarita

May look lurid but is a surprisingly tasty Margarita.

China Blue image

China Blue

Looks sweet, but due to a generous splash of grapefruit is actually balanced and refreshing.

China Blue Cocktail image

China Blue Cocktail

This simple turquoise cocktail tastes more adult and interesting than its colour might suggest.

Corpse Reviver No.Blue image

Corpse Reviver No.Blue

Considering it's blue, I quite like it was the general consensus when we first tried this infamous cocktail. It tastes great when presented with a Jacob

Darlington image


Aquamarine blue, this delicately fruity gin-based cocktail is dried by a splash of vermouth and soured by lemon juice.

Dead Parrot Colada image

Dead Parrot Colada

Gin and delicate maraschino cherry with orange and lemon, coconut and a hint of Norwegian aquavit character.

Ink Cocktail #2 image

Ink Cocktail #2

Muscle shell blue in colour. Vodka charged cranberry and orange in flavour.

Jaded Lady image

Jaded Lady

Distinctly Dutch in style, this thick, creamy drink delivers orange, vanilla and more than a hint of gin.