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Green melon liqueur
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Five-Three-Five image


Gin-laced, bittersweet with melon fruit and herbal complexity.

Apple & Melon Cocktail image

Apple & Melon Cocktail

The once ubiquitous Green Apple Martini with extra colour and flavour thanks to a dash of melon liqueur.

Awol image


A strong but surprisingly palatable shot.

Envy image


Green with melon, oh, and a hint of hazelnut. A tad on the sweet side.

Green Negroni image

Green Negroni

Don’t be put off or misled by the lurid green colour or this cocktail, it is both bittersweet and complex. As the name suggests it is based in a classic

Gulf Coast Sex on the Beach image

Gulf Coast Sex on the Beach

Golden tan in colour and tropical in flavour, complete with frothy top.

Illusion image


This medium-sweet, lime green drink is one for a summer's day by the pool.

Japanese Slipper image

Japanese Slipper

Sweet melon, orange liqueur and lemon. A bit of a sweetie, as its lurid green colour might suggest.

Koolaid image


Tangy liquid marzipan with hints of melon, cranberry and orange juice.

Mae West cocktail image

Mae West cocktail

A rose-coloured, semi-sweet concoction with a cherry, chocolate flavour.

Melon Collie Martini image

Melon Collie Martini

Something of a holiday disco drink but tasty all the same.

Melon Daiquiri #1 (served 'up') image

Melon Daiquiri #1 (served 'up')

A classic Daiquiri with the gentle touch of melon.

Melon Daiquiri (served frozen) image

Melon Daiquiri (served frozen)

A cooling, fruity Daiquiri.

Melon Maple Fizz image

Melon Maple Fizz

Light, fruity and refreshing. Not overly sweet.

Melon Margarita #1 (served 'up') image

Melon Margarita #1 (served 'up')

Looks like stagnant pond water but tastes fantastic.

Meloncholy Martini image

Meloncholy Martini

Sweet, but the flavours in this smooth, tangy, lime-green drink combine surprisingly well.

Verdi Cocktail image

Verdi Cocktail

A melange of fruits combine in a gluggable short drink.

Alien Secretion image

Alien Secretion

Lime green and fruity but all too drinkable, with a distinct bite despite its mild sweetness.

Coco Cabana image

Coco Cabana

A sweet, creamy tropical number for Barry Manilow fans.

Congo Blue image

Congo Blue

When made with cloudy apple juice (preferable) the appearance is more dirty green pond water than Congo Blue. The flavour is grassy melon orchard fruit.