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Bad Name image

Bad Name

Sweet Manhattan-like in style with chamomile liqueur adding its distinctive floral flavour and honeyed sweetness.

Dama Blanca image

Dama Blanca

This tequila (in place of gin) based riff on a White Lady is basically a Margarita made with lemon rather than lime, softened and smoothed by egg white.

Mexican Martini image

Mexican Martini

Considering tequila is replacing vodka in this French Martini riff, you'd think blanco tequila would work best. However, having tried this and reposado

Plaza Antigua image

Plaza Antigua

The sweet herbal punch you'll recognise from the classic Vieux Carré but given extra life and fresh vitality by the addition of a shot of tequila (I've

The Artist's Muse image

The Artist's Muse

Bittersweet and fruity, with complex aromatics from the pisco and strong flavours of gentian liqueur.

Touchwood image


Stirred down and boozy, this Lowland single malt-based cocktail is sweetened and made very approachable by Pedro Ximénez sherry, and awakened by a pinch

Arnaud (Parisian Nights) image

Arnaud (Parisian Nights)

This flavoursome, three equal parts cocktail has a lightly sweet palate followed by a dry finish. An interesting balance of blackcurrant, vermouth and

Buona Sera Shot image

Buona Sera Shot

The use of a dry, or at least not so sweet, espresso-style coffee liqueur is essential to the flavour and balance of this rum-laced nutty coffee shot.

Caribbean Colada image

Caribbean Colada

Rum and pineapple strike up a tropical harmony, helped by coconut, passionfruit and orange.

Honolulu Cocktail No.2 image

Honolulu Cocktail No.2

Originally made with equal parts gin, Bénédictine and maraschino but better balanced with a tad more gin. (If making with equal parts this is a slightly

Jelly Belly Beany image

Jelly Belly Beany

It's a sweetie but you're going to enjoy chewing on it.

Kentucky Jewel image

Kentucky Jewel

Easy sipping, fruity bourbon.

L'Arte Della Bellezza image

L'Arte Della Bellezza

A short, flavoursome, slightly sweet after-dinner grappa-laced cocktail.

Manhattan (Sweet with Bitter Chocolate) image

Manhattan (Sweet with Bitter Chocolate)

Those with a sweet tooth should not be misled by the use of the word sweet in the name of this drink, which refers to the use of sweet vermouth in what

Mary Rose image

Mary Rose

Gin botanicals with Chartreause's complex herbal notes bolstered by rosemary. Spirituous and lightly sweet. Best enjoyed after dinner.

Morado image


Gin-laced rich PX raisiny sherry, blackberry and coffee combine in this bite-sized after-dinner cocktail.

Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Cold Hard Wall With a Kiss image

Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Cold Hard Wall With a Kiss

The float of amaretto adds the Kiss to a Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Cold Hard Wall. If this was served in a Tiki mug it would be a Tiki Drink rather

Soixante-Quinze (Washington Herald 1915 recipe) image

Soixante-Quinze (Washington Herald 1915 recipe)

This 1915 recipe, originally of equal parts gin, applejack and grenadine (1/3 of each to 1/6 lemon juice) makes this Seventy-Five a tad on the sweet side

Strudel Martini image

Strudel Martini

Apple and all things nice including gin, vodka, cognac and most importantly, PX sherry, which makes this dessert cocktail.

Blue Riband image

Blue Riband

A sweetened, blue-rinsed, orange and gin Martini.