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Ferrobaldi Cocktail image

Ferrobaldi Cocktail

This riff on the classic Garibaldi is a great brunch drink. Why take vitamin c and iron supplement with your breakfast when you can sip on a couple of

Fantasticus image


Delicious bergamot zesty freshness with subtle underlying rum. Great as an after-dinner freshening digestivo.

Paisley Spritz image

Paisley Spritz

The sweet honeyed spice notes of Scottish liqueur combine harmoniously with the gentle acidity of the wine, lengthened and freshened with ginger ale.

Amaretto Sour image

Amaretto Sour

Sweet 'n' sour - frothy with an almond buzz. An extra couple of dashes of bitters help balance the drink and add an extra burst of flavour. When made with

Champagne Snowball image

Champagne Snowball

Deliciously silky smooth, indulgent, and decadent. Rich thick and creamy advocaat freshened with dry sherry, zesty lime cordial, and invigorated with champagne.

Elderflower Spritz image

Elderflower Spritz

A long, easy drinking summer cooler.

White Grasshopper image

White Grasshopper

Creamy and indulgent but not sickly sweet, with delicate chocolate, rose, mint and zesty orange.

Italian Chocolate Martini image

Italian Chocolate Martini

There may be some chocolate in your coffee liqueur and perhaps cocoa beans play a role in the amaro, but like the Coffee Cocktail (which has no coffee)

Sips Sgroppino image

Sips Sgroppino

A rich raspberry bomb of a dessert cocktail with delicate underlying bitterness. Very moreish.

Nobile Cocktail image

Nobile Cocktail

Fruity but not sweet, with drying bitter lemon. This is a refreshing, low alcohol, aperitif style summery cocktail.

Vive l'apéritif image

Vive l'apéritif

Thirst quenching, refreshing and low in alcohol. A great drink for a summer's afternoon or even before lunch.

Cuban Love image

Cuban Love

Green and herbal (coriander and mint) coffee and pineapple.

Spanish Coffee image

Spanish Coffee

Coffee and lightly spiced vanilla smoothed by a creamy top.

Coffee Collins image

Coffee Collins

Long sweet 'n' sour coffee.

Coco Bongo Club image

Coco Bongo Club

Refreshing, light and long ripe strawberry and coconut water.

Pineapple Mimosa image

Pineapple Mimosa

Best enjoyed with breakfast, strictly speaking, a Mimosa should be served in a wine glass over ice, but flutes are more decadent. If you've a dry palate,

Buck's Fizz image

Buck's Fizz

A very simple cocktail, but when made with freshly squeezed oranges straight from the refrigerator this is a great brunch drink. (Be sure to fine strain

Grand Mimosa image

Grand Mimosa

As the name suggests, the orange of Grand Marnier heavily influences this drink. Basically a Mimosa or a Buck's Fizz (orange juice and champagne) with

Grand Slam image

Grand Slam

This after-dinner libation is slightly sweet but wonderfully aromatic.

Monte Mule image

Monte Mule

Bittersweet, spicy and enlivening.

Jim Jam image

Jim Jam

Bittersweet with rich jammy apricot and a touch of tart citrus freshness, this cocktail teeters on being sweet but manages to remain balanced.

Pompier image


Strike the right balance and there's a note reminiscent of cola. A tad too heavy on the cassis or not quite enough dilution and that cola note turns Ribena-like.

PLB image


Long and refreshing with a tart lemony bite.

Black Basil image

Black Basil

Light in alcohol, with its basil and zesty lemon flavours, this wholesome looking cocktail makes for a refreshing summer afternoon drink.

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