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Jeez Louise image

Jeez Louise

Bittersweet with zesty citrus and subtle carbonation lifting and enlivening deeper rooty and herbal notes.

Lavarello image


A riff on the Rabo-de-Galo with bittersweet aperitivo in place of sweet vermouth.

Little Cuba image

Little Cuba

Chocolate and raisin flavours with delicate herbal spice add complexity to this Rum Negroni.

Little Italy image

Little Italy

This rye whiskey-based, Manhattan-like, bittersweet cocktail makes for a great aperitivo.

Mezcal Martinez image

Mezcal Martinez

Bold flavours combine harmoniously in this characterful riff on a classic Martinez

Midnight Marauder image

Midnight Marauder

A bittersweet after-dinner digestif with lightly a smoky hint of mezcal.

Nassau Street image

Nassau Street

A voluptuously flavoured nightcap that tastes boozier than it actually is. However, the residents of Nassau Street party hard.

Negroni Tredici image

Negroni Tredici

A amaro riff on the Negroni.

Oakenshield image


Bittersweet, herbal and subtly nutty with delicate notes of smoky whisky. A tasty late-night sipper.

Poison Dart image

Poison Dart

Bourbon-laced zesty lemon balanced by rich almond syrup with layers of herbal complexity and cinnamon spice.

Quintessential Royal image

Quintessential Royal

The cacao powder rim echoes the subtle chocolate flavours in this tasty bittersweet aperitivo.

Rabo-de-Galo image


The bittersweet herbal notes from the vermouth and Cynar combine harmoniously with the cachaça. Depending on how punchy you like your cocktails you may

Red Haven image

Red Haven

Ruby port contributes rich wine notes to this Scotch whisky based cocktail with rhubarb amaro contributing complex bittersweet flavours. The Sun Tavern’s

Remember the Alimony image

Remember the Alimony

Fino sherry adds a cleansing mineral note to this delicious riff on a classic Negroni.

Santa Maria (by Dani Umoette) image

Santa Maria (by Dani Umoette)

Best described as a mezcal-based Godfather with amaro and crème de banana adding depth of flavour.

Sin Cyn cocktail image

Sin Cyn cocktail

A single malt whisky laced twist on a Boulevardier with Cynar replacing the familiar Italian red bitter liqueur.

Smoke Show image

Smoke Show

Your choice of mezcal, the smoke element in this cocktail, will greatly impact its flavour. Select well and the result will be a deliciously herbal and

The Queen's Steeple image

The Queen's Steeple

Montenegro amaro dominates this bittersweet delicately orangey aperitif cocktail.

Three Blind Mice image

Three Blind Mice

Stirred down and boozy, corn notes from the whiskey are amplified by the bittersweet aperitif liqueur and aromatised wine.

Via Roma image

Via Roma

This aperitivo cocktail will appeal to lovers of Italian amari.