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Applesinth image


Hints of apple and liquorice combine to make a very moreish cocktail.

Bohemian Iced Tea image

Bohemian Iced Tea

A fruity and refreshing drink with surprising flavours.

Canary Flip image

Canary Flip

A delightful balance of egg, spirit and wine. Looks creamy and sweet but is sharp and citrusy.

Lemongrad image


A great summer afternoon drink. Fresh lemon with elderflower and tonic.

Grosvenor cocktail image

Grosvenor cocktail

On the bitter side of bittersweet, this is a great aperitivo cocktail.

Beach Blonde image

Beach Blonde

Fruity holiday drinking with a satisfying creamy mouthfeel. (This drink is creamy in texture due to egg rather than dairy cream.)

Custard Tart image

Custard Tart

Custardy, strangely enough.

Dutch Breakfast Cocktail image

Dutch Breakfast Cocktail

A tasty, aromatic, almost creamy alternative to a fry-up.

Dutch Courage image

Dutch Courage

A refreshing alternative to a traditional English lemonade.

Easy Tiger image

Easy Tiger

Tangy and zesty with rich honey and ginger.

Voodoo image


The rich flavour of the aged rum marries well with apple and lime juice.

Zakuski Cocktail image

Zakuski Cocktail

Named after the Russian snack.

Zhivago Cocktail image

Zhivago Cocktail

Sweet and sour - sweet apple, vanilla and bourbon balanced by sour lime juice.

Butterfly Cocktail image

Butterfly Cocktail

Light and refreshing but with citrus complexity.

Brits Spritz image

Brits Spritz

An elderflower Spritz with depth of flavour and British character courtesy of Kamm & Sons

Bitterest Pill image

Bitterest Pill

Bitter liqueur toned down by passion fruit flavoured sugar syrup.

Egg Custard Cocktail image

Egg Custard Cocktail

As custardy as the name would suggest but surprisingly potent.

Ignorance is Bliss image

Ignorance is Bliss

Passion fruit syrup dominates.

Oranjiniha image


A tall, richly flavoured orange drink.

The Red Army image

The Red Army

Rather red and rather fruity.

Strasberi Sling image

Strasberi Sling

Raspberry and apple combine beautifully in this refreshing drink with its clean citrus tang.

Apple Strudel (by Alex Kammerling) image

Apple Strudel (by Alex Kammerling)

This sweet dessert cocktail tastes just like mum's home-made apple pie with cream.

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