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Master Bartender
David A. Embury
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Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula) image

Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula)

Traditionally a Daiquiri should always be based on light rum but if I should feel like breaking with tradition and using aged rum, I find Embury's 8:2:1

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's image

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's

Readers of Embury will know he had a bone dry palate and Martinis made to his specification are just that, and with the correct dilution, fabulous.

Honeysuckle Daiquiri image

Honeysuckle Daiquiri

A Daiquiri made with flavoursome honey in place of sugar, or a Bee's Knees with rum in place of gin. However you view this, it's damn tasty.

American Beauty (by David Embury) image

American Beauty (by David Embury)

Both fresh and refreshing. A subtle hint of peppermint gives zing to this cognac-based cocktail.

Army & Navy image

Army & Navy

Almond and lemon flavoured gin. Subtle, citrus and, despite generous orgeat, fairly dry.

Bobby Burns cocktail (Embury's recipe) image

Bobby Burns cocktail (Embury's recipe)

As Embury says, there would seem to be some sense in using a Scotch-based liqueur and although this version of the Bobby Burns is rarely seen, it is worthy

Delmonico Special image

Delmonico Special

A very wet gin martini dried with a splash of cognac and two dashes of bitters.

Grand Slam No.2 image

Grand Slam No.2

Rum-laced zesty citrus with an appealing hint of subtle cognac richness.

Kangaroo Dry Martini image

Kangaroo Dry Martini

Temperature is key to the enjoyment of this modern classic. Consume while icy cold.

Larchmont image


I share Embury's appreciation of this fine, delicate Orange Daiquiri. However, I've tweaked his formulation as we found the original somewhat rich and

Abacaxi Ricaço image

Abacaxi Ricaço

Looks and tastes great but is a load of hassle to make.

Alamagoozlum Cocktail image

Alamagoozlum Cocktail

Tastes reminiscent of Cough Candy with a quintet of big-flavoured ingredients combining harmoniously, including a whopping 5ml (1/6oz) of bitters.

Bolero Sour image

Bolero Sour

A beautifully balanced, flavoursome medley of sweet and sour.

Club Cocktail (Embury's recipe) image

Club Cocktail (Embury's recipe)

Dry and incredibly aromatic. A perfect aperitif.

Commodore No.1 image

Commodore No.1

A smooth, sweet Daiquiri with flavoursome rum.

Doctor No.3 image

Doctor No.3

Tangy Swedish Punch freshened with orange and lemon juice.

Doctor No.4 image

Doctor No.4

A characterful Daiquiri - pungent Jamaican rum combines with tangy Swedish Punch balanced by lime juice.

Fu Manchu Daiquiri image

Fu Manchu Daiquiri

A Natural Daiquiri with a refreshing, clean, citrusy, minty edge.

Gloom Chaser (Embury) image

Gloom Chaser (Embury)

Grenadine adds a pink-red hue but absinthe ensures this Martini remains dry. Nonetheless, this drink may chase your gloom (blues) away.

Mañana Daiquiri image

Mañana Daiquiri

Salmon pink in colour, the Mañana has a subtle and delicate rum laced apricot flavour.