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UB Koto Old Fashioned 30cl
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Iron Negroni image

Iron Negroni

Black in colour and with a flavour that's recognisably part of the Negroni family but with a flat Coke-like smoothness that makes a classic Negroni taste

Alpine Negroni image

Alpine Negroni

A beautifully balanced and complex alpine-influenced riff on a White Negroni.

Old Gal image

Old Gal

This Negroni-style cocktail is a riff on the Old Pal with bianco vermouth, which has a more mellowing effect on the whiskey than the dry vermouth traditionally

The StiG image

The StiG

Whiter than white (actually white wine golden) yet mysterious. As for the taste, white wine acidity balances rich elderflower with spirituous lacing from

Almond Negroni image

Almond Negroni

Bittersweet, as you expect from a White Negroni with pleasing dry almond, as the name suggests.

Almond Old Fashioned (tequila based) image

Almond Old Fashioned (tequila based)

One to please fans of both tequila and the Old Fashioned cocktail genre with amaretto adding the headline hint of almond.

Amaroni image


Piney notes in the gin are amplified in this bitter-bittersweet riff on a classic Negroni.

American Trilogy image

American Trilogy

To adhere to the original recipe, you should smash a sugar cube and then painstakingly stir this with bitters into a paste. Life is just too short to faff

Anonymous (But Assertive) Sour image

Anonymous (But Assertive) Sour

Lemon drizzled grilled sweetcorn with delicate chili spice and citric acidity. Sounds sophisticated but is easy drinking.

Archibald's Last Memory Cocktail image

Archibald's Last Memory Cocktail

This drink is so spirituous that it may well have finished Archibald off, but at least his last drink was a proper sharpener. Then again, the perceived

Banana Boulevardier image

Banana Boulevardier

Some things are just so wrong that they're not only right, but deliciously so. This riff on a classic Boulevardier is such a cocktail.

Barribault image


Whisps of characterful whisky lace this spirit-forward bittersweet late-night sipper.

Big Boss image

Big Boss

A Godfather made with bourbon is The Boss so it stands to reason that with bottled-in-bond rye, it is the Big Boss.

Black + Gold image

Black + Gold

Subtle and well-integrated hazelnut liqueur and sesame oil add to this honey and bourbon sour.

Calvados Sazerac image

Calvados Sazerac

Adapted from a recipe created in February 2023 by Kaitlin Wilkes for Avallen Calvados.

Cherry Bomb No. 2 image

Cherry Bomb No. 2

A wonderfully complex Cherry Old Fashioned. Kat's original recipe calls for an Acerola cherry juice sugar syrup (1:1) which arguably has more of an apricot

Ciao Bella image

Ciao Bella

Use a great quality white crème de cacao alongside Aqua Bianca and you'll have a surprisingly well-balanced complex and delicately chocolaty freshening

Cold Brew Negroni image

Cold Brew Negroni

Just as it says on the tin, a Negroni with a splash of cold brew coffee. Simples! Whether you view this as an aperitivo or a breakfast cocktail says a

Comte de Sureau image

Comte de Sureau

Sprays of oils from both orange and lemon zest twists aid the fine balance of this bittersweet aperitivo, which fittingly has become known by many as an

Corn-on-the-Cob image


Lightly spiced char-roasted corn.