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Devil's Soul image

Devil's Soul

Spirituous, smoky, earthy, bittersweet, floral, herbal and complex. I've reduced the original serve by one-third to produce a complex, serious and most

Absinthe Daiquiri image

Absinthe Daiquiri

It's surprising both how much absinthe you can use in this bite-sized cocktail and then how much sugar is needed to tame it. Hit the balance and all these

Adriatique Cocktail image

Adriatique Cocktail

Bittersweet zesty orange with deep herbal complexity. Great for a summer afternoon or an evening aperitivo.

Banana Bliss image

Banana Bliss

Banana liqueur and brandy go shockingly well together, here toned with sherry and bitters.

Bay Ridge image

Bay Ridge

As per the original, I've used a bottled-in-bond strength rye whiskey but some may want to add a splash more of it to this well-balanced Manhattan-style

Bijou Cocktail (Difford's recipe) image

Bijou Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

It is not uncommon to see this drink stipulated with equal parts gin, Chartreuse and sweet vermouth, as called for in Harry Johnson's Bartender's Manual.

King's Jubilee image

King's Jubilee

If there is such a thing as a 'Rum Aviation', then this is surely it. The proportions of the original 1935 recipe stipulate equal amounts of maraschino

Sloppy Joe's image

Sloppy Joe's

Rich and fruity with a balancing brandy backbone. A bite-sized after-dinner or late-night treat that's reminiscent of a very fruity vintage port.

Top Banana image

Top Banana

Not the simple sweetie the name might suggest. Made with rum, banana, spice, and all things nice.

Bandelures image


Jason's original recipe calls for 45ml (1½oz) rhum agricole and 30ml (1oz) peach aperitif and I suspect used 40% alc./vol. rhum so I have reformulated

Black River image

Black River

Rum funkiness and amaro bitterness combine in the bittersweet after-dinner sipper. For a less potent version use cachaça in place of the over-proof rum.

Hugo Special image

Hugo Special

Light and delicate with gin-laced orange and pineapple and subtle, rich, herbal vermouth notes.

Purgatory a la Française image

Purgatory a la Française

This Islay smoke-influenced drink makes for a great nightcap.