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Betsy Ross image

Betsy Ross

Deep burgundy red and boozy. Based on the classic combination of port and brandy, this is a drink to finish a night. (Benefits from some dilution so stir

Brandy Cocktail image

Brandy Cocktail

Subtle mint and citrus lightly flavour the cognac.

Improved Brandy Cocktail image

Improved Brandy Cocktail

Yes, yes, I know modern convention calls for this cocktail to be stirred but Jerry Thomas stipulates to shake it and it's much improved by shaking. Shake

La Frangipane image

La Frangipane

Almond is an essential element of any frangipane, here with zesty lemon and apple brandy.

Liberal image


Spirit-forward and best described as a Manhattan for libertarians, or indeed for anyone of any political persuasion seeking balance.

Milady's Martini image

Milady's Martini

Rosé vermouth contributes almost floral notes to this rosé vermouth and fino sherry-influenced Fifty-Fifty Martini with a splash of amaro adding a touch

Belvedere No. 1 image

Belvedere No. 1

As its creator says, a split-base sour for lovers of the Sidecar.

Copenhagen Cocktail 1939 image

Copenhagen Cocktail 1939

Rich cherry fortified with gin and given herbal depth by vermouth and aromatic bitters.

Greenhorn image


Adapted from a recipe created in 2022 at the Refuge cocktail bar in Houston, Texas, USA.

Jewel Cocktail image

Jewel Cocktail

The original recipe, and indeed our old recipe, called for equal parts of main the three ingredients to create a powerful cocktail in both alcohol and

Le Château image

Le Château

Brandy stirred and served straight-up with a combination of French herbal and Italian bittersweet liqueurs.

Meridian image


Go easy on the orange blossom water – 3 drips from a pipette is plenty. Strike the right balance and you'll have a delicately floral aquavit sour.

Yolanda image


Rich vermouth-led underpinned by brandy and gin with grenadine adding fruitiness while a mere dash of absinthe adds layers of complexity.