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Libbey Highball 9oz
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Old Cuban Highball image

Old Cuban Highball

A tasty bite-sized alternative to a Mojito.

Absinthe Spider Highball image

Absinthe Spider Highball

Absinthe and ginger ale combine well in this refreshing highball.

Bicicletta Spritz image

Bicicletta Spritz

Basically the same as a Veneziano Spritz but with equal proportions wine to Italian red bitter liqueur, we like to further distinguish the Bicicletta from

Chicago Fizz image

Chicago Fizz

Pot still rum character shines, distinguishing this from lesser fizzes.

Early Spring image

Early Spring

Rhubarb flavours shine in this tall floral lavender sour.

Gin Sonic Highball image

Gin Sonic Highball

A lower alcohol and lower sugar version of a Gin & Tonic with a smaller serve of gin topped with equal parts tonic water and soda water so reducing the

Gin Spider Highball image

Gin Spider Highball

A Pink Gin & Ginger would also be a fitting name for this tasty alternative to a Gin & Tonic.

Highland Highball image

Highland Highball

Bénédictine and sweet vermouth add richness and herbal complexity to this scotch whisky highball.

La Cola Nostra image

La Cola Nostra

We do like a pun and this one is a particularly tasty aperitivo.

Mrs Hendrickx Lemonade Highball image

Mrs Hendrickx Lemonade Highball

Bready genever fortifies and rounds this mandarin orange influence 'real' lemonade.

Piña Clara image

Piña Clara

This delicious and light long drink harnesses the classic combination of coconut, rum and pineapple.

Rhubarb & Tonic Highball image

Rhubarb & Tonic Highball

Surprisingly tasty and very refreshing. Forget rhubarb & custard.

Scotch Whisky Highball image

Scotch Whisky Highball

Simple, refreshing and brilliant. One of the best ways to appreciate a good scotch whisky.

Smoky Orchard Highball image

Smoky Orchard Highball

Savoury, delicately fruity and refreshing with delicate ripe pear, dry gin and celery with a hint of smoke.

Strawberry Caipirinha image

Strawberry Caipirinha

Easy drinking, fruity and refreshing with cachaça's distinctive flavour.

Absinthe Mojito image

Absinthe Mojito

Absinthe adds its distinctive aniseed and liquorice notes to a Mojito.

Ají Dulce image

Ají Dulce

In South American Spanish ají means 'chili pepper' and dulce means 'sweet', so the name of this drink translates as 'sweet chili pepper'.

Banana Havana Highball image

Banana Havana Highball

Simple and just as the name suggests, a banana flavoured rum highball.

Coconut Highball image

Coconut Highball

Coconut flavours are subtle in this surprisingly dry highball. If you self-carbonate your coconut water then consider also adding a touch of sugar to compensate

Cuban Sarsaparilla image

Cuban Sarsaparilla

Root beer's vanilla, anise or liquorice notes combine with coffee and cacao rum with underlying bitter and citrus.