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Irish Coffee image

Irish Coffee

Sometimes called a Gaelic Coffee and properly known by its Irish name 'Caife Gaelach', the Irish Coffee is traditionally served in a stemmed heatproof

Keoke Coffee image

Keoke Coffee

Sip brandy-laced chocolate coffee through a velvety layer of cream. For best results use a milk frother (e.g. Nespresso Aeroccino) to whip and heat your

Whisky Mac Toddy image

Whisky Mac Toddy

Simple, warming and comforting – rich ginger wine gently spices and mellows Scotch whisky.

Silver Bay image

Silver Bay

Delicately smoky whisky and chestnut liqueur infuse this tasty hot toddy.

Mexicano (Hot) image

Mexicano (Hot)

A spicy, flavour-packed hot coffee. Lightly whip or simply shake cream in container before pouring over the bowl of a spoon. It also helps if the cream

J & Tony's Hot Negroni image

J & Tony's Hot Negroni

Adapted from a recipe created in 2021 by Ewan Bennie at J & Tony's Discount Cured Meats And Negroni Warehouse in San Diego, California, USA. Originally

Mexican Tea (Hot) image

Mexican Tea (Hot)

Tiffin will never be the same again.

Hot Toddy (Hot Scotch & Lemon) image

Hot Toddy (Hot Scotch & Lemon)

The faintly smoky flavours of Scotch add spice to this warming drink that's great when you're feeling down with a cold or the flu.

Amaro Caldo image

Amaro Caldo

A winter's hot digestivo or warming late-night toddy.

Tom & Jerry image

Tom & Jerry

A warming and filling winter's meal in itself. This recipe will fill six small toddy glasses or Tom & Jerry mugs (each 20cl capacity to brim), and given

Blue Blazer image

Blue Blazer

The showy way to make a simple hot whisky punch.

Hot Toddy (Hot Scotch & Tea) image

Hot Toddy (Hot Scotch & Tea)

Tea and Scotch combine wonderfully in this hot and spicy winter warmer.

Mulled Apple Black image

Mulled Apple Black

Fruity rich and warming with apple (calvados) and blackberry.

Hot Buttered Whiskey image

Hot Buttered Whiskey

Warming and smooth - great on a cold day or whenever you fancy a warming treat.

Jean Gabin image

Jean Gabin

Beats hot chocolate as a nightcap.

Blueberry Tea image

Blueberry Tea

This does indeed taste just as described on the tin.

Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail image

Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail

In his The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, David Embury says, The Hot Spiced Rum is bad enough, but the lump of butter is the final insult. It blends with the

Bishop image


A flavoursome and warming variation on mulled wine.

Bourbon Skin image

Bourbon Skin

Hot, watered down bourbon stirred with orange oils. Simple but very tasty.

Hot Grog image

Hot Grog

Warming, honeyed, pungent rum with a hint of lime.

Huckle my buff image

Huckle my buff

To quote Jamie Oliver, the Huckle-my-buff is not a Dodo, but a Phoenix.

Hot Red Blooded Frenchman image

Hot Red Blooded Frenchman

Warm, fruity red wine - great on a cold night.

Hot Toddy (brandy & lemon) image

Hot Toddy (brandy & lemon)

Warms the cockles with cognac and a good dose of citrus.

Negus (Hot) image

Negus (Hot)

A tangy, citrusy hot drink.

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