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Great Gatsby image

Great Gatsby

This grapefruit fresh and light cocktail is equally suited to the aperitivo moment as it is breakfast.

Well Oiled Mai Tai image

Well Oiled Mai Tai

A quality falernum adds complex clove-led flavours to a classic Trader Vic Mai Tai.

49th Parallel image

49th Parallel

Sidecar-esque with zesty citrus tartness.

Apple Brandy Sour image

Apple Brandy Sour

Sour by name - balanced sweet and sour apple by nature.

Club Cocktail (Difford's recipe) image

Club Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

Cognac and pisco brandies with maraschino and pineapple adding fruity tropical freshness and a foamy head.

Drunken Helmsman image

Drunken Helmsman

A tad debauched but very tasty.

Gun Club Punch No.1 image

Gun Club Punch No.1

Rum-laced fruit, as with most Trader Vic classics, balanced rather than sweet.

High King image

High King

Berry fruit and citrus gently caressed by mellow Irish whiskey with a splash of enlivening soda.

Porn Star Martini image

Porn Star Martini

A passion fruit and vanilla crowd-pleaser that's balanced with zesty lime and ideally served with sparkling wine on the side.

Queen's Park Hotel Super Cocktail image

Queen's Park Hotel Super Cocktail

Perhaps best described as being a Trinidadian Daiquiri due to its heavy use of Angostura Bitters. Obviously, it would also have originally been made with

The Delicious Sour image

The Delicious Sour

Tis rather.

The Waysider image

The Waysider

A cross between a bourbon-based Southside and a bourbon mule. Packs a gingery bourbon punch.

Whisky Business image

Whisky Business

A rye sour enlivened with chili and cinnamon spice to warm the cockles.

Blueberry Martini image

Blueberry Martini

Vodka-laced rich blueberry with balancing lime freshness.

Capercaillie image


Scotch whisky adds a delicately malty backbone to this zesty and fruity, delicately honeyed anytime cocktail.

Corpse Reviver No.Blue image

Corpse Reviver No.Blue

Considering it's blue, I quite like it was the general consensus when we first tried this infamous cocktail. It tastes great when presented with a Jacob

Flutter image


Three ingredients combine harmoniously and, depending on your coffee liqueur, perhaps just the merest tad on the sweet side.

Maiden's Blush image

Maiden's Blush

Pale pink (depending on your grenadine), gin-laced rich fruit and subtle lemon sourness.

St. Charles Punch image

St. Charles Punch

The classic randy – port and brandy combo – with tart freshening lemon balanced with a touch of sugar.

Strawberry Margarita image

Strawberry Margarita

Fresh strawberries combine well with tequila in this fruity margarita. The strawberry already makes this drink viscous so sugar syrup is preferable to