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Limoncello liqueur
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Brazuca Remedy image

Brazuca Remedy

Bittersweet and complex with underlying cachaça character. Perfect as an aperitivo.

Gennaro's Sidecar image

Gennaro's Sidecar

My version of the established Jamie's Italian Gennaro's Sidecar is a tad boozier than the original, but retains the balance between sweet limoncello liqueur

Lemon Drop Crusta image

Lemon Drop Crusta

Zesty lemon with a sugar-crusted rim. This tasty drink's name aptly describes it.

Lemon Sherbet Margarita image

Lemon Sherbet Margarita

This Margarita does indeed have a sherbet flavour with a lemony citrus bite.

Red Earl image

Red Earl

This vodka laced, rich (but not overly sweet) raspberry cocktail is a crowd pleaser.

Red Earl (Salvatore's recipe) image

Red Earl (Salvatore's recipe)

Fresh ginger adds a hint of spice which combines well with raspberry fruit in this crowd-pleasing vodka-based cocktail which is freshened by a dash of

Renaissance image


Spirituous and bittersweet with a cleansing citrusy bite and underlying cognac complexity, this cocktail is suited to both aperitif and after-dinner occasions.

Salvatore Meets image

Salvatore Meets

A refreshing zesty lemon Daiquiri topped with a splash of champagne.

Sorrentino Cocktail image

Sorrentino Cocktail

Bittersweet with pleasing rich lemon zestiness from the limoncello.

Yellow Belly image

Yellow Belly

Lemon, lemon and lemon, but well-balanced, refreshing and tasty. A great early summer's evening cocktail.

Yellow Cab image

Yellow Cab

Sage-led gin with assertive and refreshing zesty citrus balanced with honeyed caramel agave syrup.

Yellow Negroni image

Yellow Negroni

As the name suggests, this pisco based, five equal part, vivid yellow bittersweet aperitif was inspired by the classic Negroni and three of the world’s

Amalfitano image


Basil, lemon and gin combine harmoniously in this mojito-like summery cooler.

Angela Luce image

Angela Luce

Fruity and herbal – a refreshingly zingy nightcap.

Black Basil image

Black Basil

Light in alcohol, with its basil and zesty lemon flavours, this wholesome looking cocktail makes for a refreshing summer afternoon drink.

Bon Bon image

Bon Bon

Relive your youth and the taste of those big round sweets with this sweet-n-sour lemony cocktail.

Cuban Heal image

Cuban Heal

Honey-ed and initially sweet with herbal spirity rum notes adding depth.

Favola image


Mouth puckering zesty citrus freshness underpinned by gin's botanical complexity.

Gangham Spritz image

Gangham Spritz

Tastes reminiscent of traditional real lemonade.

Gin Agrumi Highball image

Gin Agrumi Highball

Citrusy gin and accompanying botanicals, zesty limoncello and grapefruit soda.