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Clover Club (House-Made) image

Clover Club (House-Made)

Fruity, light, well-balanced and easy-drinking.

High Ryeser image

High Ryeser

With thanks to Bob Cook, a Discerning Drinker, who on 27th October 2020 left a comment with the recipe for this delicious high-proof whiskey, equal parts

Jabberwock image


Mouth-puckeringly dry, this is a great aperitivo with quinine, fino sherry, gin botanicals and citrus all singing harmoniously.

19th Century image

19th Century

If you like New York Sours then you should try this bourbon-laced, red aromatised riff on a classic 20th Century.

Apple Blossom Cocktail image

Apple Blossom Cocktail

Concentrated lightly herbal apple with subtle zesty citrus. Quick to make and stupidly simple yet delicious.

Bajan Daiquiri image

Bajan Daiquiri

A full-flavoured Daiquiri with a delicate touch of clove.

Ban-hattan image


As the name might suggest, a rye whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan that is lightly sweetened and flavoured with a splash of banana syrup.

Dominicana image


Just three ingredients – rum-laced coffee liqueur topped by a velvety layer of indulgent chilled cream. Basically, a rum-based White Russian but that

Dragon Punch image

Dragon Punch

An almond, mezcal and Chartreuse Margarita with a touch of fire breathing hot pepper sauce.

Grand White Lady image

Grand White Lady

Rich gin-laced Grand Marnier and tart sour lemon juice nestle harmoniously under a fluffy head.

Honey Cosmopolitan image

Honey Cosmopolitan

Honey adds delicate flavour and richness to this grapefruit fresh riff on a classic Cosmopolitan.

Mezcal Martinez image

Mezcal Martinez

Bold flavours combine harmoniously in this characterful riff on a classic Martinez

Mezcalero image


Lightly smoky mezcal with ginger spice and zesty citrus.

Monte Manhattan image

Monte Manhattan

Bittersweet herbal and citrusy notes influence this aperitivo-style riff on a classic Manhattan.

Naramata image


Brandy and brandy fortified apple sit harmoniously with rich herbal vermouth complexity.

Old Mexican Friend image

Old Mexican Friend

Bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour with smoky mezcal, zesty grapefruit and faint floral elderflower, particularly on the long smoky finish.

Sherry Valance image

Sherry Valance

Armagnac-laced dry sherry and rich almond with zesty refreshing citrus and a touch of creole bitter complexity.

The Field Marshal image

The Field Marshal

Sauvignon blanc wine, celery, pineapple and rum all sit harmoniously in this cocktail.

The Scott image

The Scott

This golden drink is dry and sophisticated, yet honeyed and approachable.

USS Wondrich image

USS Wondrich

A tiki-inspired riff on the classic Adonis with chocolate orange liqueur. (If a touch too rich for your palate, then split the sherry to equal parts fino