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Vodka Ketel One - sabor baunilha
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Easter cocktail image

Easter cocktail

Chocolate cocktail with extra interest thanks to vanilla and cardamom.

Hunk Martini image

Hunk Martini

Pineapple and vanilla combine harmoniously. American readers may notice more than a passing resemblance to a Key Lime Pie served without the Graham Cracker

Snowfall Cocktail image

Snowfall Cocktail

An alcoholic version of a vanilla milkshake with tiny black specs from the vanilla.

Vacation Martini image

Vacation Martini

A great-looking holiday (Tiki-style) cocktail with vanilla, coconut and pineapple.

Vante Cocktail image

Vante Cocktail

Bold, aromatic and fruit with generous vanilla and pineapple.

Wonky Martini image

Wonky Martini

A sweet, wet Vodkatini invigorated with vanilla and grapefruit.

Porn Star Martini image

Porn Star Martini

A passion fruit and vanilla crowd-pleaser that's balanced with zesty lime, often served with sparkling wine on the side.

Velvet Maker image

Velvet Maker

Originally made with home infused vanilla vodka, zesty grapefruit, and dry vermouth which adds balancing botanical complexity.

Creme Egg Cocktail image

Creme Egg Cocktail

As befits the name, this chocolate and vanilla vodka-based Easter Egg of a cocktail has both cream and egg – the later in the form of Dutch advocaat.

Vanilla Espresso Martini image

Vanilla Espresso Martini

If you're the kind to opt for a splash of flavoured syrup at the coffee shop, then this variation on Dick Bradsell's original Espresso Martini is for you.

Naked & Infamous image

Naked & Infamous

The lovechild of Douglas Ankrah's Pornstar Martini and Joaquín Simó's Naked & Famous. Fresh ripe (yet still a little tart passion fruit) sits alongside

Pornstar Bellini image

Pornstar Bellini

The core ingredients in a Porn Star Martini served with the sparkling wine in the glass to produce what's become known as a Pornstar Bellini.

Banoffee Cocktail image

Banoffee Cocktail

Thick and rich, one for after the cheese course.

Black Forest Gateau image

Black Forest Gateau

Dessert by name and dessert by nature: naughty but nice.

Cherry Alexander image

Cherry Alexander

A rich Black Forest Gateau-like fruity twist on the creamy classic. Alexander cocktail history and tips on making.

Chocolate & Cranberry Cocktail image

Chocolate & Cranberry Cocktail

The chocolate rim sounds naff but makes this drink. Surprisingly dry.

Crème Anglaise Cocktail image

Crème Anglaise Cocktail

As the name suggests, reminiscent of alcoholic crème anglaise.

Fruit & Nut Cocktail image

Fruit & Nut Cocktail

A rich Christmas pudding of a cocktail.

Irish Espresso Martini image

Irish Espresso Martini

Richly flavoured with a pleasantly bitter finish.

Jolt'ini image


A vanilla-flavoured Espresso Martini.

Key Lime image

Key Lime

Tangy, smooth and rich! Alcoholic ice-cream for grown-ups.

Key Lime Pie #2 image

Key Lime Pie #2

Beautiful balance of pineapple, vanilla, sweet and sour.

Nine-20-Seven image


Champagne with a hint of vanilla.

Pepper & Vanilla image

Pepper & Vanilla

Vanilla and pepper seem to complement each other in a sweet and sour kind of way.

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