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UB Nick And Nora 1920
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Butler's Tipple image

Butler's Tipple

Almost creamy with vanilla, bittersweet rootiness and cognac.

Dunlop Cocktail image

Dunlop Cocktail

A punchy dry aperitivo – sherry-influenced rum with a dash of bitters.

Fair & Warmer Cocktail image

Fair & Warmer Cocktail

Sure to warm and fairly good.

Holy Smokes No.1 image

Holy Smokes No.1

Bourbon-laced and spirit-forward but mellowed by bittersweet amaro and herbal liqueur with a hint of Islay smokiness.

Italian Chocolate Martini image

Italian Chocolate Martini

There may be some chocolate in your coffee liqueur and perhaps cocoa beans play a role in the amaro, but like the Coffee Cocktail (which has no coffee)

Raimbaut image


Beautifully balanced and aromatic. A cheeky little aperitif. This cocktail vaguely resembles The Savoy Corpse Reviver No. 2, though the absence of lemon

Robert Frost image

Robert Frost

This complex cocktail is equally enjoyable as an aperitivo or after-dinner digestivo. If enjoying as an aperitivo, then consider using equal parts fino

Tipperary No.1 image

Tipperary No.1

Chartreuse fans will love this Irish whiskey-forward nightcap.

White Sting image

White Sting

This riff on a classic Stinger brings in floral rose notes which sit alongside delicately freshening mint.

Alaska (Savoy recipe) image

Alaska (Savoy recipe)

In his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, David Embury says of the Alaska, This is also sometimes called the Oriental. It can be greatly improved by using

L'Arte Della Bellezza image

L'Arte Della Bellezza

A short, flavoursome, slightly sweet after-dinner grappa-laced cocktail.

Meet Me At The Lynchburg Highway image

Meet Me At The Lynchburg Highway

Adapted from a cocktail created in November 2017 by Tatjana Titimova at Épernay Bar in Manchester, England, for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Calling competition.

Platinum Blonde (creamy) image

Platinum Blonde (creamy)

This after-dinner sipper maybe creamy but it's balanced rather than sweet with aged rum nuanced by cognac and orange liqueur. Creamy yet sophisticated.

Popinjay image


Cognac-laced, richly vinous and delicately herbal.

Velvet Touch image

Velvet Touch

A spiritous and rich after dinner / late-night sipper.

Brotherhood image


I've reduced the quantities originally specified by a third for sobriety and added an optional splash of sugar syrup for balance.