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Spiced rum
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Fade To Black Cocktail image

Fade To Black Cocktail

A Rum Sour blackened with blackberries and charcoal powder. The black charcoal which makes this cocktail black does little for the taste and given the

Spiced Pear image

Spiced Pear

Just as it says on the tin - spiced pear.

Banana Cart image

Banana Cart

This Cable Car variation harnesses the tried and tested cinnamon and banana flavour combo with zesty lemon and vanilla spiced rum.

Cable Car image

Cable Car

Vanilla and spice from the rum interact with the orange liqueur in this and citrus.

Jamaican Mule image

Jamaican Mule

A long, rum-based drink with spicy ginger and lime.

Long Island Spiced Tea image

Long Island Spiced Tea

A contemporary spicy twist on the American classic Long Island Iced Tea.

Perfect Storm Highball image

Perfect Storm Highball

Spiced rum adds vanilla as well as spice to this Mule-style drink.

Sticky Toffee Fizz image

Sticky Toffee Fizz

Given the name and the ingredients in this indulgent champagne cocktail, it is surprisingly dry and complex.

Warsaw Cooler image

Warsaw Cooler

Orange, honey, apple and spice laced with Polish Bison grass vodka.

Winter Punch image

Winter Punch

A bourbon and amaretto sour with spiced rum and cranberry.

Bomber image


A cross between a Moscow Mule and a Cuba Libre.

Artlantic image


This sea green cocktail tastes much better than it looks.

Santiago #1 image

Santiago #1

Light, refreshing and slightly spicy.

Maui Tiki Tiki image

Maui Tiki Tiki

Not yet rated

“Maui Tiki Tiki is a fictional figure of tiki culture: a trickster who ambushes the Sun God, forcing him to lengthen the days. My drink symbolises the

Plum Cake image

Plum Cake

Not yet rated

“The inspiration for this cocktail is the plum cake I used to eat as a child. I wanted to capture the rich flavours I associate with these memories,

A Halvy image
User submitted

A Halvy

People I knew were drinking spiced rum with ginger ale, and I started thinking of a twist or a way to elevate the drink.

Bloody Jerry image
User submitted

Bloody Jerry

Not yet rated

Picture: not Nick & Nora glasses.

Buccaneer image
User submitted


Feel free to add extra rum for extra yo ho ho.

Candy Cane Cocktail image
User submitted

Candy Cane Cocktail

Not yet rated

While I don't know the origin of this cocktail, I got the recipe from (out of all places) Jacksfilms on YouTube. I have yet to try it, and I'm publishing

Caribbean Manhattan image
User submitted

Caribbean Manhattan

Not yet rated

Having recently tried a classic Manhattan after dinner at a restaurant, but only having dark spiced rum which I had been gifted for my birthday, I decided