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Green crème de menthe green
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Emerald Manhattan image

Emerald Manhattan

An Irish whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan flavoured with a splash of minty emerald-coloured liqueur and peppermint bitters.

Fallen Angel image

Fallen Angel

Gin-laced zesty citrus with subtle freshening mint with aromatic bitters adding depth of flavour and complexity.

Green Swizzle image

Green Swizzle

Robustly flavoured ingredients brought together harmoniously in a tall, most refreshing swizzle. Worthy of its legendary status.

Gustings' Grasshopper image

Gustings' Grasshopper

Indulgent, minty, creamy, chocolate-laced with cognac. What's not to like?

Midnight Over Tennessee image

Midnight Over Tennessee

A great looking tasty dessert cocktail. Whiskey, coffee and chocolate sipped through a layer of minty cream.

St. Patrick's Day image

St. Patrick's Day

Verdant, vibrant, and virtuous - so virtuous that it's saintly! Faintly minty, herbal, and citrusy with whiskey making it a helluva craic.

Caruso Cocktail image

Caruso Cocktail

Emerald Green with full-on mint. Good as a digestif after a tenor-sized meal. This was originally a shaken drink and despite modern-day convention, we

Flying Grasshopper image

Flying Grasshopper

Why drink a mere Grasshopper when you could be enjoying a Flying Grasshopper? This creamy after-dinner cocktail is all the better for the splash of vodka,

Grasshopper image


It's hard not to like this creamy, slightly sweet minty after-dinner treat.

Igloo image


Adapted from a recipe by Jason E. Clapham of the St. Edward's MCR at Oxford, England who says this cocktail is so-named due to being based on a drink containing

Mint Martini image

Mint Martini

An after-dinner palate cleanser.

Shamrock image


A cocktail best enjoyed as an after-dinner refresher on St. Patrick's Day.

Tequila Mockingbird image

Tequila Mockingbird

Minty tequila.

After Eight image

After Eight

Looks like mouthwash but tastes like liquid After Eight chocolates. Dessert and after dinner minty drink in one.

Alexander's Sister image

Alexander's Sister

A green minty thing for dairy lovers.

Choc Mint Alexander image

Choc Mint Alexander

A minty riff on the classic Alexander cocktail.

Every-Body's Irish Cocktail image

Every-Body's Irish Cocktail

Like the Incredible Hulk, this drink packs a dangerous green punch - a whisky-laced, minty, Carthusian green punch.

Green Dragon image

Green Dragon

Mint, juniper, caraway and fennel make for an unusual cocktail that's conducive to fresh breath.

Shamrock (bourbon based) image

Shamrock (bourbon based)

Basically a sweet Manhattan with a dash of green créme de menthe.

Word Up image

Word Up

A riff on a The Last Word with green creme de menthe in place of Green Chartreuse.