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Dry Martini (15:1 ratio) Montgomery's image

Dry Martini (15:1 ratio) Montgomery's

Bone dry - a superbly cleansing Martini. Through experimentation we have found that 15:1 Martinis are better shaken rather than stirred. Conversely 3:1

Dry Martini 'Preferred' (5:1 ratio) image

Dry Martini 'Preferred' (5:1 ratio)

This is my go-to Dry Martini, although I arrive at the same 5:1 ratio with a generous 75ml (2½oz) gin to 15ml (½oz) dry vermouth. I chose a 5:1 ratio

Bradford Martini image

Bradford Martini

I do like a shaken Dry Martini! Sorry, I should say Bradford. For some a shaken martini is blasphemous but the aeration generated by the more vigorous

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's image

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's

Readers of Embury will know he had a bone dry palate and Martinis made to his specification are just that, and with the correct dilution, fabulous.

Vesper Dry Martini image

Vesper Dry Martini

Yes, yes, it's a spirituous drink without fruit juices that best shows its crystalline beauty when stirred rather than shaken. However, it's the one Martini

Three Blind Mice image

Three Blind Mice

Stirred down and boozy, corn notes from the whiskey are amplified by the bittersweet aperitif liqueur and aromatised wine.

Dickens' Dry Martini image

Dickens' Dry Martini

A 5:1 Dry Martini served without any garnish (i.e. no olive or twist). The name is a reference to Charles Dicken's novel Oliver Twist.

Oaxacan Negroni image

Oaxacan Negroni

Mezcal lends a characterful smoky note to this complex riff on a classic Negroni.

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini image

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini

The quantities of gin and vermouth stated in this recipe produce a Dry Martini with a 30:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. A small amount of dilution is achieved

Green Puritan image

Green Puritan

Basically a three-ish-to-one Martini with a generous splash of Green Chartreuse.

No Borders image

No Borders

A tasty bittersweet Negroni-style aperitif.

Wild & Dirty Martini image

Wild & Dirty Martini

Pine (birch) notes mix well with the vermouth in this 2:1 Martini with lemon bitters adding citrus freshness the olive and rosemary sprig garnish adding

Sakini image


Sake adds an almost wine-like delicacy to this approachable riff on the classic Dry Martini.

Ocean Cable image

Ocean Cable

This cocktail originally appears in William Tarling's 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book where its creation is attributed to one A. G. Scott. We've respected

The Conference image

The Conference

As with any good conference, all the participants in this cocktail are heard and their contribution is equally valued. Due to its layering of different

Obituary image


What a way to go. A Dry Martini with a dash of the green fairy.

Peat's Dragon image

Peat's Dragon

Dry and aromatic with vermouth and aromatised wine, along with rich orange liqueur, gently influencing scotch whisky, enlivened with a subtle black pepper

Mezcal Martini image

Mezcal Martini

With gin, my go-to stirred Dry Martini recipe is five-to-one, but that's way too much when using mezcal – a Fifty-Fifty Martini is more befitting. Rather

Dirty Martini image

Dirty Martini

As with all Martinis, striking a perfect level of dilution and achieving an ice-cold serving temperature (helped by chilling/freezing all ingredients,

Burnt Martini image

Burnt Martini

A stirred Dry Martini influenced by a smoky splash of Islay single malt scotch whisky, flamed with a flamed orange zest twist.

The Original Margarita image

The Original Margarita

There's debate as to who created the original Margarita recipe and when with a Dallas socialite called Margarita Sames most often credited (see below).

Corpse Reviver No.2 (Duffy's recipe) image

Corpse Reviver No.2 (Duffy's recipe)

For an equal parts recipe, this Corpse Reviver variation is brilliantly balanced. It's also a delicious cocktail.

Manhattan (Dry) image

Manhattan (Dry)

A bone dry Manhattan for those with dry palates. If you like Dry Martinis then be sure to try one of these.

Original Sin image

Original Sin

Sake and vodka with a delicate hint of honey.

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