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El Viajero image

El Viajero

Travelling is part of the history of the Bacardí family, part of the golden age of Cuban cocktails and it was my main motivation to start bartending.

Aperol Spritz / Aperitivo Spritz image

Aperol Spritz / Aperitivo Spritz

Slightly sweet, herbal, refreshing and quaffable. The good folk at Aperol, the aperitivo liqueur brand most identified with the Spritz, recommend equal

Golden Cadillac image

Golden Cadillac

This shaken recipe includes orange juice and this gives the otherwise anaemic looking drink its namesake golden hue. The addition of orange bitters helps

Piña Clara image

Piña Clara

This delicious and light long drink harnesses the classic combination of coconut, rum and pineapple.

Sherry Cobbler image

Sherry Cobbler

This age old cocktail is said to have been the drink for which the waxed paper straw was invented. To quote Harry Johnson, from his 1882 Bartender's Manual,

Blue Hawaii image

Blue Hawaii


Coffee & Tonic image

Coffee & Tonic

Sipping through the bitter layer of coffee is a great start to this lightly bitter-sweet aperitivo.

Limoncello Spritz image

Limoncello Spritz

Zesty, almost creamy, lemon enlivened with fizz.

Strawberry Dog image

Strawberry Dog

Rich ripe juicy strawberry and cranberry with zesty grapefruit.

Balón 43 image

Balón 43

Easy-drinking with a flavour reminiscent of vanilla lemon sherbet.

Marigold Spritz image

Marigold Spritz

Light easy drinking and refreshing, delicate quinine bitterness in the tonic water balances light sweetness from the peach liqueur in this tequila laced

Root 56 image

Root 56

We’ve used more Jägermeister in this drink then is suggested by the brand itself as we feel the drink benefits from more of the liqueur’s herbal rootiness