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Jason Clapham
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Hunter's Verdict image

Hunter's Verdict

Brilliantly balanced and composed, this is a rum-forward boozy digestive with herbal complexity and enlivening ginger to contemplate a great meal and a

Landing Gear image

Landing Gear

Spiritous and richly fruity with orange and cherry combining harmoniously with cognac.

Miracle Worker image

Miracle Worker

Dry and spiritous but rounded and mellowed by subtle red grape and maraschino cherry fruitiness. Best enjoyed as a late-night sipper.

Ostend Fizz Royale image

Ostend Fizz Royale

As Jason, the reader who created this sent us this recipe says, A champagne charged riff on the classic Ostend Fizz this is a good alternative to a Kir

Pied-à-terre image


Cognac-laced and herbal with hints of liquorice, Pied-à-terre (which translates from French to mean 'foot on the ground') makes for a great after-dinner

Vanessa Polk image

Vanessa Polk

Cherry red, spirit-forward and dangerously quaffable as a late-night tipple.

Wardroom image


A potent (pleasingly so) late-night sipping cocktail that's rendered less volatile by serving on-the-rocks.

Ballroom image


As Jason, the creator of this scotch and coffee cocktail, says, it's redolent of a freshly polished ballroom floor (in a good way!)

Drones Club image

Drones Club

A characterful and well-balanced rum & brandy nightcap.

Killer Queen image

Killer Queen

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Jason E. Clapham in Oxford, England.

Monteleone image


A sipper of a cocktail to chase a meal or for late-night contemplation.

Poinciana image


Bittersweet berry fruit scotch rounded by subtle coconut.

St Hubertus Old Fashioned image

St Hubertus Old Fashioned

Dry and spirit-forward, as an old-fashioned should be, with hints of liquorice. It's dry, even with the 2.5ml of sugar I've added to Jason's original recipe,

White Horse image

White Horse

Aptly described as being an herbaceous Scotch sipper.