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UB 1910 Old Fashioned 10.5oz
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Daiquiri No. 3 image

Daiquiri No. 3

A Daiquiri No. 1 with a tang of grapefruit and hint of maraschino. Essentially a Hemingway Special Daiquiri (Papa Doble) Daiquiri for folk without the

Bastille image


Spirituous and herbal. A great alternative to an Old-Fashioned , as a late-night sipper.

Kentucky Colonel image

Kentucky Colonel

If you like Old Fashioneds then there's a good chance you'll appreciate the Kentucky Colonel.

Vieille Place image

Vieille Place

Spirit-forward and bittersweet yet balanced and eminently drinkable. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned but with the option to enjoy as an aperitif.

Me, Myself & I image

Me, Myself & I

An M & M with Italian citrus-led self-indulgence.

Expense Account image

Expense Account

This particular Expense Account has a distinctly festive flavour with notes of sweet cinnamon (not an ingredient) and is best described as being an expensive

Oliver South image

Oliver South

When I first tried this bittersweet tequila-laced cocktail, I intended to add a dash of orange bitters but mistakenly used Peychaud's, and I found I liked

Rust & Bone image

Rust & Bone

A bittersweet Old Fashioned with pleasing herbal complexity.

Remember the Alimony image

Remember the Alimony

Fino sherry adds a cleansing mineral note to this delicious riff on a classic Negroni.

Flannel image


Pimento dram adds a touch of Christmas spice to this cognac-laced apple and orange winter sipper.

Ironbound image


Who'd have thought cachaça and apple brandy would make such good bedfellows with herbal liqueur and Creole-style bitters.

Hamilton the Hipster image

Hamilton the Hipster

Herbal and bittersweet. A delicious aperitivo or digestivo.

Fancy Free image

Fancy Free

Aromatised, tamed bourbon with complex maraschino notes. Basically, a Whiskey Old Fashioned with maraschino in place of sugar syrup. Surprisingly dry,

Death Star image

Death Star

This equal parts stirred cocktail is either a boozy aperitivo or a bittersweet digestif come nightcap. Whatever classification, it's tasty.

Macouba Old Fashioned image

Macouba Old Fashioned

Orange influences this Old Fashioned but it's the aged agricole rum that dominates and shines.

Greyhound image


Classically a Greyhound is merely vodka and grapefruit juice served tall over ice in a Collins glass, but it's better served shorter with a couple of flavour

Mary Queen of Scots image

Mary Queen of Scots

Slightly sweet herbal influenced riff on the Rusty Nail.

Réveillon Cocktail image

Réveillon Cocktail

Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served straight-up in a Nick & Nora glass, we think it's better suited

White Lion image

White Lion

Adapted from the first-known appearance of this recipe in Jerry Thomas' 1862 The Bar-tenders Guide and then repeated in his 1876 and 1887 editions. Jerry

Cry Baby image

Cry Baby

Spiritous, herbal orchard fruit.

Negroni Rosa image

Negroni Rosa

Rose vermouth and a delicately floral amaro add floral notes to this pink-coloured Negroni.

Atonement image


Quinquina and spirituous spice from the whiskey and run balance the rich notes of the raisiny sherry and particularly the nutty orgeat. Dilution also seems

Rum Runner Old Fashioned image

Rum Runner Old Fashioned

A spiced banana Rum Old Fashioned.

Godmother image


Almond-flavoured vodka served over ice. Hard not to like but lacks depth of flavour.

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