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Monte Carlos image

Monte Carlos

The honeyed botanical notes of Bénédictine combine brilliantly with añejo tequila to amplify pleasing earthy notes in the agave. A brilliantly simple

Brandy Sour image

Brandy Sour

After the Whisky Sour, this is the most requested sour. Try it and you'll see why - but don't omit the egg white.

Right Hand image

Right Hand

This rum-based Negroni may make you wonder why you've been drinking gin Negronis all these years. The Right Hand is usually served straight-up in a coupe

Orchard View image

Orchard View

If you like Manhattans you should try this calvados-based delicately herbal variation served on-the-rocks.

Mad MacPeat image

Mad MacPeat

Peated whisky sits brilliantly with the floral elderflower notes in this late-night sipper. Absinthe plays an important role and I like with as much four

Winged Hussar image

Winged Hussar

With the peaty whisky, the energy drink takes on an almost smoked white grape flavour.

Dolce-Amaro image


The very apt name translates as 'bittersweet'.

Godfather Cocktail image

Godfather Cocktail

Scotch diluted and delicately sweetened with added almond notes - simple but tasty. Proportions range from equal parts (45ml scotch to 45ml amaretto) to

Negroni Sbagliato image

Negroni Sbagliato

This lighter styled Negroni has some bitterness but lacks the gin punch and character of the original Negroni.

Bitter Bramble image

Bitter Bramble

Just as billed, a bitter version of the contemporary classic Bramble.

Newport image


Crème de Noyaux's fruity almond-like notes combine with brandy in this late-night sipper.

Dragoon image


A smoky bourbon Sazerac sweetened with crème de noyaux and served on-the-rocks.

Dutch Highlander image

Dutch Highlander

As Jason, the originator of this cocktail, says, A scotch with some backbone, such as Johnnie Walker Black, is required to stand up to the arrack. That

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