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Sweet Grape Caipirinha (Caipirinha D'uva) image

Sweet Grape Caipirinha (Caipirinha D'uva)

Flavours of grape, both fresh and in the wine, transform the humble Caipirinha into a Caipirinha D'uva.

Tequila Alexander image

Tequila Alexander

Creamy tequila and chocolate this tequila based riff on the classic Brandy Alexander is deliciously indulgent.

Carousel image


The Carousel cocktail is a reinterpretation of a childhood visit to the carnival, a happy time in any child's life! This particular visit was in a time

Death Flip image

Death Flip

With a whole egg, a shot of tequila, Jägermeister and Chartreuse, this is both a Death Flip and your last meal. Challenging herbal and bitter complexity

Instaspam image


Created in 2016 by Andy Mil at The Cocktail Trading Co., London, England.

Knickerbocker image


Fruity and refreshing – a party drink with rum and raspberry flavours predominating. At its best when made with homemade raspberry syrup.

Patriota image


Patriota cocktail embraces history, lifestyle, family heritage, flavours and traditions: A nicely sweet Cafecito Cubano - a much loved Cuban beverage -

Callahan's Painkiller image

Callahan's Painkiller

This riff on the classic Painkiller features the distinctive flavours of coffee and cacao spiced rum.

Dairy Milk Chocolate image

Dairy Milk Chocolate

Perhaps serve with a shot glass of champagne on the side so this cocktail literally contains a glass and a half. The picture of the glass and a half of

Envy image


Green with melon, oh, and a hint of hazelnut. A tad on the sweet side.

Fizzy Peachtree image

Fizzy Peachtree

As the name suggests, sparkling peach with delicate lime notes. Light and refreshing.

Flying Grasshopper image

Flying Grasshopper

Why drink a mere Grasshopper when you could be enjoying a Flying Grasshopper? This creamy after-dinner cocktail is all the better for the splash of vodka,

Grasshopper image


It's hard not to like this creamy, slightly sweet minty after-dinner treat.

Hairy Navel image

Hairy Navel

A Screwdriver with added peach schnapps liqueur. It's fruity and on the sweet side of balanced – much tastier than a Fuzzy Navel.

Jalisco Mint Julep image

Jalisco Mint Julep

Given the use of tequila, I initially opted for agave syrup over sugar syrup but I found the caramel notes this added somewhat overwhelmed the mint. Instead,

Japanese Slipper image

Japanese Slipper

Sweet melon, orange liqueur and lemon. A bit of a sweetie, as its lurid green colour might suggest.

Lucky Golden Oranges image

Lucky Golden Oranges

Zippy citrus and floral notes combine in this refreshing riff on a G&T.

Mariel image


A pleasing and interesting combination of flavours, but slightly on the sweet side and for some drinkers (us) lacks oomph.

P.S. I Love You image

P.S. I Love You

P.S. You'll love this creamy, slightly sweet dessert cocktail.

Pink Squirrel image

Pink Squirrel

Light pink, sweet and creamy with subtle notes of chocolate, toasted almond and pomegranate.