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Tonic water
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Sunset Vibes image

Sunset Vibes

This appropriately sunset-coloured cocktail serves a cacophony of flavours that combine to deliver a symphony of surprisingly harmonious sips.

Gin & Tonic image

Gin & Tonic

One of the simplest and best mixed drinks ever devised, hence its lasting popularity. To serve as a Highball use a smaller 10oz (295ml) Highball glass

Gen'tonique image


A refreshing apéritif with a mouth-salivating bitterness. Makes a Spritz seem bland.

Journey of Brothers image

Journey of Brothers

Dry and lightly fruity with herbal minerality, this is a superbly refreshing and complex long drink.

Gonzo image


Tall and refreshing with a delicate balance between tonic's quinine bitterness and maraschino's sweetness.

Été Anisé image

Été Anisé

Adapted from a recipe created for Campari by Jan & Hannah Van Ongevalle in Belgium.

Mona Lisa image

Mona Lisa

Chartreuse fans will appreciate this drink, which is also an approachable way for novices to acquire a taste for the green stuff. It's also a great brunch

Give Me Fever image

Give Me Fever

This drink combines the fever quenching G&T with medicinal lavender and flavoursome mezcal from the Mexican territories where us Brits are susceptible

Efficacious image


Take one per day in the hope it will aid your health, wealth and happiness. OK, its efficacious effect is most likely to benefit the latter at a cost to

Rhubarb & Tonic Highball image

Rhubarb & Tonic Highball

Surprisingly tasty and very refreshing. Forget rhubarb & custard.

TNT (Tequila 'N' Tonic) image

TNT (Tequila 'N' Tonic)

A simple but very tasty way to enjoy tequila.

Milanese G&T image

Milanese G&T

Depending on how you view this, its a traditional Gin & Tonic with a splash of bitter liqueur adding colour and herbal fruity complexity. Or a G&T take

Vodka & Tonic (VAT) image

Vodka & Tonic (VAT)

Dry, crisp, refreshing and cleansing. Sip, contemplate and say to yourself, The world is my lobster.

Swiss Cup 5 image

Swiss Cup 5

Perhaps this would more aptly be named the Alpine Cup. No matter, it's a true Summer Cup in style, well-balanced and refreshing any season of the year.

Reversed Vesper & Tonic 'Martini' image

Reversed Vesper & Tonic 'Martini'

Bittersweet and Martini in style but with the hard edges smoothed and a hint of eastern spice added. Perhaps more a digestivo than an aperitivo.

Vodka Sonic Highball image

Vodka Sonic Highball

A lower alcohol and lower sugar version of a Vodka & Tonic (VAT). Light and refreshing. One for a hot summer's afternoon.

Monte & Tonic image

Monte & Tonic

Bittersweet and very refreshing with hints of zesty citrus freshness.

Calvados & Tonic image

Calvados & Tonic

Crisp dry apple with delicate quinine tonic bitterness.

Gin Sonic Highball image

Gin Sonic Highball

A lower alcohol and lower sugar version of a Gin & Tonic with a smaller serve of gin topped with equal parts tonic water and soda water so reducing the

Sonic Surfer image

Sonic Surfer

A light and refreshing way to enjoy cognac. Best appreciated as a summertime aperitif.

Porto Tonico (White Port & Tonic) image

Porto Tonico (White Port & Tonic)

Portugal's answer to the G&T is tasty, balanced, superbly refreshing and has a relatively low alcohol strength.

Belafonte image


A Portuguese apéritif (Porto Tonico) influenced by a bittersweet Italian aperitivo.

Summer Americano image

Summer Americano

Aperitif-style, tall and refreshing.

Gin Tonica image

Gin Tonica

Something of a Spanish phenomenon, where the G&T (which in England has been traditionally served in a tall slim Collins glass) tends to be served in a

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