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Drambuie liqueur
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Daiquiri Noir image

Daiquiri Noir

Drambuie adds herbal consistency to this minty fresh aged rum Daiquiri.

The Scott image

The Scott

This golden drink is dry and sophisticated, yet honeyed and approachable.

Kingston Club image

Kingston Club

Pineapple juice with herbal attitude. Fernet contributes almost clove-like flavours to this fruity aperitivo cocktail.

Mexican Nail image

Mexican Nail

Very complex with obvious Islay whisky and tequila notes made more interesting with subtle spice and chocolaty notes.

Galvanised Nail image

Galvanised Nail

Scotch and honeyed spice with a hint of apple and elderflower plus a touch of zest lemon freshness.

Tapered Nail image

Tapered Nail

Rum takes over from Scotch as base spirit in this Nail but Islay single malt adds interest and keeps it a true Nail (being any drink with Drambuie and

Cajun Nail image

Cajun Nail

A riff on the classic Sazerac.

Rusty Sour image

Rusty Sour

It takes a single malt to properly live up to the big flavours of the whisky liqueur. The only question is how much lemon juice and additional sugar suit

Jack Pot image

Jack Pot

Creating this cocktail started with a desire to make a properly British cocktail to toast those special occasions when a fellow Brit wins a sporting event.

Derniere Minute (Last Minute) image

Derniere Minute (Last Minute)

Cognac stirred with rich herbal and heather honey Drambuie, along with aromatised wine. Aromatic bitters add complexity depth.

Heather Julep image

Heather Julep

A Scottish twist on the classic bourbon-based Mint Julep.

Atholl Brose image

Atholl Brose

Forget the porridge and kick start your day with an Atholl Brose. Consider using raw heather honey.

The Tartan image

The Tartan

The bittersweet lovechild of the Rob Roy and Rusty Nail.

The Haggis Horns image

The Haggis Horns

Shaking (rather than stirring) gives this Godfather riff a frothy head which dissipates to leave attractive beads around the edge of the glass. As well

Paisley Spritz image

Paisley Spritz

The sweet honeyed spice notes of Scottish liqueur combine harmoniously with the gentle acidity of the wine, lengthened and freshened with ginger ale.

Rusty To The Core image

Rusty To The Core

Honeyed herbal whisky liqueur with an apple brandy base, freshened with lemon juice and given a wisp of smokiness by a splash of Islay malt.

Bobby Burns (Embury's recipe) image

Bobby Burns (Embury's recipe)

As Embury says, there would seem to be some sense in using a Scotch-based liqueur and although this version of the Bobby Burns is rarely seen, it is worthy

Argha Noah image

Argha Noah

Delicately spiced, honeyed and sherried aged rum.

Rusty Tack Cocktail image

Rusty Tack Cocktail

A ginger riff on the Rusty Nail.

Manicure image


Due to the use of Calvados and honeyed Scotch herbal liqueur, for a brief moment of madness, this riff on a Rusty Nail was going to be called 'French Nail

Mary Queen of Scots image

Mary Queen of Scots

Slightly sweet herbal influenced riff on the Rusty Nail.

Habanero image


A Daiquiri-style drink with honey, ginger and chilli.

Prince Charlie image

Prince Charlie

Cognac and honey with sweet and sourness in harmony.

Carthusian Nail image

Carthusian Nail

A Chartreuse-influenced riff on the classic Rusty Nail.

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