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UB Retro Coupe 1920 7.75oz
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Pippin No. 2 image

Pippin No. 2

Like the Pippin No. 1, don't let modern bartending convention misguide you into stirring this delightful bittersweet aperitivo, please shake it to wake

Warday's Cocktail image

Warday's Cocktail

Apple brandy with complex botanical influences from both gin and Chartreuse mellowed by botanically enriched fortified wine. If you like spirit-forward

Not So Perfect Manhattan image

Not So Perfect Manhattan

Not so imperfect – indeed this is one of the most delicious Manhattans I've had the pleasure of drinking.

Coco Geisha image

Coco Geisha

Delicately enriched whisky, sake and coco water – a trio that sits together harmoniously.

Monkey Bizz image

Monkey Bizz

Gin-laced aromatised wine with floral elderflower.

Nice Pear image

Nice Pear

Despite the no missus Frankie Howerd-like, English seaside postcard humour name, this is a very tasteful cocktail – pear and cognac is a delicious flavour

Clean Aviation image

Clean Aviation

Named in homage to the laudable quest for a clean aviation fuel, this is a classic Aviation (usually based on gin) but made with vodka and given a touch

Linstead image


Absinthe and pineapple come through first, with Scotch last. A great medley of flavours.

L'Ultima Parola (by David Wondrich) image

L'Ultima Parola (by David Wondrich)

Strega replaces Chartreuse in this learned American in Italy take on a classic Last Word.

Nuclear Daiquiri image

Nuclear Daiquiri

A great way to inflict mutually assured destruction, although there will be fallout the morning after.

Green Puritan image

Green Puritan

Basically a three-ish-to-one Martini with a generous splash of Green Chartreuse.

Wardroom image


A potent (pleasingly so) late-night sipping cocktail that's rendered less volatile by serving on-the-rocks.

Havana Special image

Havana Special

A Pineapple Daiquiri with an added something – a touch of flavoursome ash-aged maraschino liqueur. When garnishing the pineapple may be optional but

USB Cocktail image

USB Cocktail

Vanilla notes in the cognac sit beautifully with the pineapple juice while the acidity of the wine balances rich fruity sweetness.

Vancouver image


This cocktail, which is popular in the city from which it takes its name, was originally made with French dry vermouth but since the turn of the century

Pink Mist image

Pink Mist

Softy bittersweet aperitif with zesty bergamot.

Blood Orange Cocktail image

Blood Orange Cocktail

Fresh blood orange with a subtle gin backbone, bittersweet herbal notes and vermouth complexity.

Pauline image


A delicate and cleansing lemon Daiquiri subtly infused with absinthe.

Manhattan (Perfect) image

Manhattan (Perfect)

The medium-dry version of the classic Manhattan cocktail.

Give Me Fever image

Give Me Fever

This drink combines the fever quenching G&T with medicinal lavender and flavoursome mezcal from the Mexican territories where us Brits are susceptible

1920 Cocktail image

1920 Cocktail

A rye whiskey's spirituous spice adds backbone to what is essentially a Perfect Manhattan with orange bitters in place of aromatic bitters and garnished

Short Rib image

Short Rib

Margarita-like, enriched with pomegranate molasses and charged with a touch of chili heat.

Daiquiri De Luxe image

Daiquiri De Luxe

A standard Daiquiri turned premium and given a touch of Tiki with added notes of almond and pineapple.

The Malagueña image

The Malagueña

Bittersweet dark pungent rum is lightly sweetened, aromatised and bittered by amaro and bitters duo. A sharpener of an aperitivo.

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