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UB Nick and Nora Gold 6oz
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Palo Negro image

Palo Negro

Tequila, rum, sherry and orange liqueur combine harmoniously in this complex spirit-led, after-dinner/late-night sipper.

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail image

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail

Dry, spirituous and zesty, this is a cocktail that lends itself equally to apéritif or after-dinner occasions.

Swiss Account image

Swiss Account

A vodka charged bittersweet aperitif with herbal notes laced with grainy vodka.

White Spider image

White Spider

A cleansing Martini-style cocktail with sophisticated citrus, rose and mint notes.

Xanthia image


A couple of dashes of bitters adds balance and complexity to this herbal gin-laced cherry flavoured after-dinner cocktail.

Midnight Marauder image

Midnight Marauder

A bittersweet after-dinner digestif with lightly a smoky hint of mezcal.

Lefkó Martini image

Lefkó Martini

Martini-esque in style but gin's juniper-led botanical character is replaced by a Greek grape distillate (Tsipouro). Enhanced vinous notes and flavoursome

Flip the Script image

Flip the Script

Irish stout and Irish whiskey combine harmoniously in this rich but balanced flip.

Elf On The Shelf image

Elf On The Shelf

Elf (elderflower liqueur), On (orange liqueur), The (tequila), Shelf (sherry) is for naughty elves to share while planning mischievous enactments. Judicious

Crème Anglaise Cocktail image

Crème Anglaise Cocktail

As the name suggests, reminiscent of alcoholic crème anglaise.

Opera image


I've combined classic recipes from both Jacques Straub (1914) and Harry Craddock (1930) in this gin-laced, vinous, late-night sipper with delicate mandarin

The Gold Rush image

The Gold Rush

The name refers to this sweet 'n' sour, zesty ginger drink's golden hue. Bourbon provides the base while lemon and lime balance the flavoursome and delicately

Weep No More image

Weep No More

Cognac and rich aromatised wine with a touch of maraschino soured by a splash of lime.

Saucy Sue image

Saucy Sue

Sue may not be particularly saucy, but she certainly has spirit – equal parts calvados and cognac with the merest splash of apricot liqueur and a dash

Black Sabbath image

Black Sabbath

Smoky peaty notes from Islay single malt whisky dominate this spirit-forward and bittersweet sipper of a cocktail.

A Still Dawn image

A Still Dawn

Spirit-forward and bittersweet.

Eclipse Cocktail (by Harry Craddock) image

Eclipse Cocktail (by Harry Craddock)

Gin-laced sweet and tart sloe berry sit over a sweet 'n' savoury base, this Eclipse's final treat.

Italian Espresso Martini image

Italian Espresso Martini

This low alc./vol. riff on Dick Bradsell's Espresso Martini may lack the oomph of a base spirit but generous amaro does add pleasing herbal bittersweetness.

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