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Brandy Sangaree image

Brandy Sangaree

Port and Brandy (AKA Randy) are a match made in heaven, here subtly enriched with a touch of sugar.

Once Upon A Time image

Once Upon A Time

A short and lightly bitter aperitif-style cocktail with an attractive golden, almost sunny appearance.

William Wallace image

William Wallace

Take a Rob Roy and switch some of the sweet vermouth for rich flavoursome PX sherry, add a dash or three of orange bitters and you've a William Wallace.

Persepolis image


With its strong rose flavour, the Persepolis is somewhat reminiscent of a Turkish Delight so is very appropriately garnished.

Pass the Dutchie image

Pass the Dutchie

Like a bottle of port, please be sure to pass this cocktail to the left, or at least drink using your left hand. You'll be rewarded with a spirituous bready

Widow's Kiss image

Widow's Kiss

Herbal with hints of apple, mint and eucalyptus. This classic is also often made with green Chartreuse, but we prefer, as per classic recipes, with half

Five Keys image

Five Keys

A bourbon-laced, spirit-forward after-dinner digestive.

Crystal Clear image

Crystal Clear

Subtly citrusy and piney with delicate caraway. Clearly refined.

Fantasticus image


Delicious bergamot zesty freshness with subtle underlying rum. Great as an after-dinner freshening digestivo.

Vermouth Cocktail image

Vermouth Cocktail

Well-balanced bitter-sweetness dominated by vermouth (hence the name) with faint maraschino but perhaps the most important ingredient is the most hidden,

Bad Name image

Bad Name

Sweet Manhattan-like in style with chamomile liqueur adding its distinctive floral flavour and honeyed sweetness.

Mean Fiddler image

Mean Fiddler

A riff on a classic Tipperary, with Islay single malt and Italian red bitter liqueur adding complexity.

Purgatory image


Too many, and you're in it.

Bon Vivant's Martini image

Bon Vivant's Martini

Ideally, this Martini should be accompanied by a cigar which compliments the tobacco liqueur.

Silver Bullet image

Silver Bullet

If you like Aviations then this caraway influenced sour may appeal. It's powerfully flavoured so also consider serving in an old-fashioned over ice to

Drink Without A Name image

Drink Without A Name

To say this nameless cocktail is spirit-led is an understatement but, as with a Martini, achieve a sufficiently cold serving temperature and you'll enjoy

Public Enemy No.1 image

Public Enemy No.1

A rich and richly flavoured dessert cocktail highlighting the coffee and cacao flavours of the spiced rum.

Flying Dutchman image

Flying Dutchman

A Martini-style genever forward cocktail with bittersweet zesty orange.

Sir Thomas image

Sir Thomas

Akin to a fruit laced Sweet Manhattan.

Highland Fling image

Highland Fling

This two-parts scotch to one-part sweet vermouth may be old-school but it remains tasty and the scotch whisky counterpart to a Gin & It.

Tam o' Shanter image

Tam o' Shanter

A Blood & Sand without the blood (cherry brandy) so drier. The dusting of nutmeg is critical to the success of this old-school classic.

Calvados Mon Amour image

Calvados Mon Amour

Apple brandy, pineapple and orange with a hint of cinnamon and a blast of berry fruit. Sounds sweet and fruity but this cocktail is spirituous and complex.

Bonnie Prince Charles image

Bonnie Prince Charles

Honeyed, spiced cognac with a touch of citrus. But is it fit for a Prince?

Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake) image

Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake)

Absinthe adds a liquorice note to this spirit-forward cognac-based cocktail.

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